Tockwith Village Bakery operating in Tockwith (the same village Focused All Day is based in) needed a website to sell their fresh goods. Customers were able to search for the type of bread or other items from the bakery, and order them online. In the below video I show the website and explain why I choose each section and what purpose it serves.

Bakery Website Design

They bake and deliver different types of bread, scones, jams, desserts and cakes.

bakery website design being used by man on couch
Website design for Tockwith Village Bakery

Before Focused All Day

  • The customer had created their own Wix website which was unpublished and therefore unable to take orders.
  • The customer had to accept orders by phone, relay the menu each time, and only take payments in person.
ecommerce bakery website on a tablet with a pint of milk and wheat next to it
The website for the online bakery store looks excellent on a wide range of devices.

How their problem was solved

Before Focused All Day was hired leaflets advertising the bakery were sent around Tockwith. Unfortunately, the DIY Wix website made by the bakery had issues preventing it from going live. If you had received a leaflet and went online to buy some bread products, you were presented with a ‘page not found’ message.

When hired, Focused All Day immediately created a bespoke coming soon page with a link to the existing Facebook page. As it was late December 2020 and I knew the ‘coming soon’ page was temporary, I gave the creative website design a festive feel. A snowy interactive background.

tockwith village bakery custom coming soon page
Tockwith Village Bakery
  • I used WordPress WooCommerce web design skills to create an online store which was easy to use by all age groups.
  • eCommerce website shows the full menu of products from the bakery.
  • Online booking system accepts multiple payments methods (direct debit and pay pal).
UI design tockwith village bakery on a laptop with coffee jig next to it
It was a pleasure working on the web design for Tockwith Village Bakery.

How their business has improved

  • The company had a Facebook page and an unpublished Wix website. Having an online store allows users to create their account and re-order easier.
  • The bakery website design has clear information about how fresh goods are delivered (deadline for ordering and location).
  • Focused on a mobile-first responsive web design; the bakery eCommerce web design has an add to cart button on the product catalogue, making the browsing experience and shopping more enjoyable.
Tockwith Village Bakery design on mobile phone placed on top of  serving board surrounded by food.
The bread and desserts look great on a wide range of devices.

Features especially proud of

  • The website is not a carbon copy of other bakeries. It is personalised, has a custom design, appropriate design elements and bespoke to Tockwith Village Bakery.
  • The site is speedy and fast to load. This website layout includes many product images, and so it’s great to see it passes the speed tests.
  • The website features related products, up-sells and cross-sells, helping the buyer discover more from the online bakery shop.
Ecommerce store bakery displayed on computer with yellow background
Tockwith Village Bakery web design is easy to navigate and buy from.

The website received paid orders the first day it was published! I enjoyed working on this bakery eCommerce web design, and it is a welcomed addition to the website work portfolio. They produce amazing cakes, sweet treats and provide the best for their customers.

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