Resolutions Psychotherapy is a York-based business offering psychotherapy services.

Resolutions Psychotherapy resolutions psychotherapy web design
Homepage, hero image for the psychotherapy website

Before Focused All Day, what was their problem?

The professional therapist was leaving her current practice and needed a website to advertise her new business.

Resolutions Psychotherapy Website design for counsellors UK
The website includes a psychotherapy services page.

How Focused All Day solved the problem

  • By using my web design skills I was able to create a brochure-style website.
  • I sent Sharon a questionnaire as part of the onboarding process.
  • Whilst this was been filled in I designed all the branding, handled the UX/ UI, typography, above the fold, icons and illustrations.
  • I sent Sharon two design choices and a personalised video where I spoke about the difference between the two designs.
  • I got confirmation which one to use and then I built the website.
Resolutions Psychotherapy Websites for therapists UK
The website uses a counter feature to highlight accomplishments.

How Focused All Day made their business better

  • From receiving the enquiry to publishing the website took 6 days.
  • The website has a video embedded into the about me page which allows the user to learn more about the services.
  • The homepage includes a counter widget that animates when on screen. The animation effects are on the numbers and they spin round from 0 to the predefined number. For example, it starts at 0 and ends with 7 years of experience. It draws attention and highlights the experience of the therapist.
Resolutions Psychotherapy counsellor website
The web design includes a video linked to YouTube.

Features Focused All Day is incredibly proud of

  • I am happy to have this part of my web design work as:
  • The website has a good consistency of colour and structure throughout.
  • Used icons effectively to communicate the message.
  • Created an effective Calls To Action (CTA) on each page

The website explains who the therapist is, what her skills are, what services are available, how the company can help and what the process of getting the stated help is.

Resolutions Psychotherapy best mental health website design
A well-formatted contact form allows potential customers to easily send in their enquiries.

It was great working on this project and I was hired to work on another website for the same client straight after!

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