A new project – build a York Wedding Photographer Website and get it to rank in search engine results page.

Happy Otter Photography is a wedding photography business located just outside of York in the small village of Tockwith.

Happy Otter takes natural photos of down to earth people who want to relax on their wedding day.

Yorkshire wedding photography website displayed on a laptop with a camera, plants and glasses next to it.
Yorkshire wedding photography website displayed on a laptop

Before Focused All Day, what was their problem?

Happy Otter Photography was first built by the photographer using Wix. The problems were lack of design freedom and limited SEO.

website for photographer shown on mobile phone with a person holding it
The website for the photographer is responsive on mobile, tablet and desktop.

How Focused All Day solved the problem

  • Migrated the website (all pages and posts) from Wix to WordPress.
  • Redesigned the elements with visual design and SEO in mind.
  • Increased the page speed on every page and post as it is a ranking factor of Google.
  • Made sure the website was responsive on all devices (mobile, tablet and desktop)
wedding photographer website displayed on a laptop with a camera next to it
The wedding photographer website

How Focused All Day made their business better

  • Improved the layout and overall web design.
  • Implemented best SEO practices and carried out the ongoing SEO.
  • The SEO increased the organic traffic and blogs were read and shared.
  • With clear calls to action and focus on conversion optimisation, the new wedding photographer website secured her more work than she had got whilst on Wix.
Wedding photography website on a large monitor with a yellow background
Wedding photography website hero image on the homepage

Features Focused All Day is incredibly proud of

I am happy to have this part of my web design portfolio as:

  1. Making a website is one thing but getting it to rank on Google is incredibly rewarding.
  2. When the website was on page 1 of Google, it was fun to continue and get more of her pages and posts ranking.
  3. I was studying the websites analytics and the data to fine-tune. This increased the conversion rate and had the phone ringing more.
  4. Helping small businesses grow and getting the client more weddings.

It was a pleasure working on this York wedding photographer website!

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