Do York is a travel and tourism company based in York that was looking for a web design York company. They rang Focused All Day and explained they needed a York tourism website. Their mission is to help people plan a trip around York city. They are highlighting the best places to visit and informing people what events are on.

york tourism website shown on a lptop. The best travel agency websites showing a red boat trip in the city
Now you can book a boat trip and view the City on York’s best travel agency website.

Before Focused All Day, what was their problem?

Before using Focused All Day web design services, they were operating on Facebook. They found it hard to display all the ongoing and upcoming events on the social networking platform. They would only be able to pin one item but found people were asking questions ‘where is the best place to stay in York’ and had to ask them to search the group.

travel website design showing places where to go
The travel website design allowed Do York to advertise events in York. They expanded to advertise day drips starting in York touring places a little further away.

How Focused All Day solved the problem

Registered the domain name, created the email accounts, designed and built the York tourism website. Took care of the entire thing so they could focus on running their business and working with local companies to find out about upcoming events.

travel website examples showing cliffords tower as an image
Do York, a travel website, can immediately give visual examples of things to do in York by using a carousel of images on their homepage.

How Focused All Day made their business better

Instead of Do York having to answer their Facebook followers questions with ‘search within this group’. They were able to reply with a relevant post from their website, which contained all of the information. It saved them time as they didn’t need to relay the information each time. It also provided its users with more details.

At the end of each post, there is be a call to action, for example, ‘click here to book your tickets now’. It made it very easy for them to monetise their website and get a commission for referral sales.

travel website examples person holding mobile phone and looking at tablet with a cofee
It was important the web design for the Yorkshire tourism company to be accessible on all devices.

Features Focused All Day is incredibly proud of

I am happy to have this part of my web design portfolio as:

  • By now having a York tourism website, they were able to provide their followers with more information.
  • By using SEO best practices, their content was discovered organically in Google searches. More traffic, more followers, increasing their brand awareness. 
  • They were able to monetise their website either by referral, affiliate marketing or running paid ads on their website.
  • Responsive on all devices. All pages and blog posts look great on mobile, tablet and desktop.
travel agency website large computer screen showing the hompage
The travel agency wanted their website to be easy to navigate and still hold a lot of information.

It is a pleasure working with Do York and creating this York tourism website!

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