I’ve been on many florists websites in the past, and now I get the opportunity of creating an eCommerce website to sell flowers online.

florist websites on a website with flowers next to the screen. The screen shows the eCommerce websites for florists.
eCommerce websites for florists. A website dedicated to selling artificial flowers.

Before Focused All Day, what was their problem?

Blueberry Street Flowers owned an eCommerce website they built themselves on Wix.

The page speed was slow, and the site structure of the URLs was not optimal.

The website had other technical issues such as broken links.

florist website design being used by a person on their mobile phone
The florist website design is responsive and works on all devices (mobile, tablet and desktop).

How Focused All Day solved the problem

  • Migrated the website from the Wix platform to WordPress.
  • Updated the website and improved it visually using web design skills.
  • As a WooCommerce Developer, I was able to rebuild the website in a robust platform.
flower eCommerce website being viewed on a laptop with a mug and plant next to it.
The flower eCommerce website allows people to easily buy flowers online.

How Focused All Day made their business better

  • Made the website faster, resulting in a better user experience. Speed = more sales!
  • Included features such as cart abandonment.
  • Sales Pop-ups and opportunities to gain subscribers emails.
artificial flowers web design being displayed on a laptop next to a mug and flowers
The artificial flowers web design includes a live chat feature.

Features Focused All Day is incredibly proud of

  • I am happy to have this part of my web design portfolio as:
  • Florist websites should work on mobile, tablet and desktop – and this does!
  • The incorporation of live chat.
  • Using a mega menu for the navigation to display all product categories easily.
A beautiful bouquet of flowers on the florist website being viewed by a person on their phone.
Beautiful flowers make florist websites look so attractive, and this was no exception. Amazing products!

Inclusion of an off-canvas filter within the product pages. This means the customer is not bombarded with information and instead is presented with a clean and straightforward products page. When the user wants more options to find products faster they simply press filter and out pops options to search. This gives the customer more control.

Infinite scroll on the products page. This means the user can keep scrolling down and more products will appear without the need of clicking next. It makes the online shopping experience more enjoyable.

They have improved technical SEO. Broken links mean people click a page, post or products, and it doesn’t work, resulting in them leaving. By improving the technical side of the website increased the user experience.

bets florist website being displayed on a large monitor with a yellow background.
The best florist websites should work on a large variety of devices, big and small screens.

The competitor’s analysis of other florists websites has grown my understanding of this niche. I enjoyed working on the artificial flowers eCommerce website.

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