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WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

What’s the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org in anutshell wordpress.com is the light edition of WordPress.

wordpress.com vs wordpress.org what is the difference and which one should you choose to make your website. I talk about the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org looking at the pricing, themes, plugins, hosting, maintenance, and upkeep. I let you know which one I pick for my content management systems (CMS)and hopefully make it easy for you to understand if you have asked ‘should I use wordpress.com or wordpress.org’.

If you want to know which one you should pick out of WordPress org or WordPress com for website, blog or eCommerce the below video and the following blog is for you.

wordpress.COM vs wordpress.ORG – video

In the past I have spoken to people in need of a website. They have used the free version of WordPress.com and did not like it. For this reason, when asking me to develop their website they instructed me not to develop their business website with WordPress and explain their difficulties. I had to explain there is an alternative to WordPress.com and it’s still WordPress and it’s free it’s the .org version. This has happened to me twice within a few weeks before making this video hence why I decided to make it. WordPress.com vs org depends if you have the time to invest, to begin with.

This blog covers the following topics

  • Short answer the difference between wordpress.com vs wordpress.org
  • What is WordPress
  • What are the benefits of WordPress
  • WordPress.org pricing and plans
  • What is a WordPress plugin?
  • WordPress.org free does not allow you to install your plugins or themes.
  • What is a WordPress theme?
  • WordPress.org advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons, SEO wins
  • WordPress com vs org pricing
  • WordPress.org maintenance and upkeep
  • Outro – what videos would you like next?

What is WordPress

WordPress is a very simple way of creating websites and locks it comes

with a content management system where allows you to easily manage your plots 

What are the benefits of WordPress

WordPress allows you to customise your website easily manage our

website’s search engines loved WordPress and 37% of all web sites are made of WordPress which is around 75 million websites.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – what is the difference 

The difference but both have WordPress in the title they both help build websites. 

WordPress.com – Plans

WordPress.com plans and pricing starts at free then it goes to three pounds, seven pounds, 20 pounds, and 36 pounds. 

Advantages of WordPress.com

To begin with, there is more work involved in setting it up than wordpress.com. WordPress.com you simply click-click five minutes later you got your blog.

Disadvantages of WordPress.com


On the free edition, you’ll be running adverts from WordPress. I’ve been on the restaurant’s website which used WordPress free edition and it felt like more of an advertisement website for another company than it did on the restaurants. So you’ll have to pay to upgrade once you upgrade for personal and you pay a few pounds per a month you will still find your limited and you can’t fully customise your website you can’t install certain plugins 


For the free and personal edition of wordpress.com, you can’t install your plugins and you can’t install your themes 

What is a WordPress plug-in 

A WordPress plugin is just an extra bolt on to your website you just click and download it. It’s like an app. Depending on which one you get you could download one to make your website go faster it’s just an extension 

What is a WordPress theme?

A theme is just in a nutshell it’s just a way to customise your website. A template so let’s say your navigation bar at the top said ‘home, contact, about’ and it was in blue you could click another theme and

they will be on the left-hand side and they’ll be in yellow or instead of

having big sections with your photos there will be six small ones. It just

changes the feel of it which allows you to customise and make your website unique if you can’t do it on the free edition in the personal plan you’re going to then have to upgrade. 

Advantages of WordPress.org 

wordpress.org is brilliant it’s the one I create my website on is the one I create all my client’s websites on. It’s the one which has helped me rank number one position one in several different search engines and my clients have seen the same success. 

Disadvantages of WordPress.org

WordPress.org – Hosting

WordPress.org you have to find and research a hosting company. Which I can help you out with my hosting plans or in my other videos and blogs I will show you how to install WordPress on to the hosting server. Which is much easier than it was back in the day. 

WordPress.org – Maintenance 

As wordpres.org is fully yours to customise you’re unfortunately responsible for all the updates and maintenance. It is simple to do but something you have to be aware of. Like I say, wordpress.com click click you’ve done it.

WordPress.org vs WordPress.com

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WordPress.org you need to design and make your website and it might take you longer than WordPress.com. It all pays off in the end and I’ve got tutorials about how to do every single one of these steps you just need to put a little bit working up a start and they’ll pay for itself.


WordPress.org is cheaper in the long run as hosting packages for the .org version start from a few pounds. Where as wordpress.com start from free but go up to £36. You can see straight away in the first months you’ve spent more money on hosting with wordpress.com.

I hope this helps!

Please tell me which one did you choose? WordPress.com and if so which package, free, personal, premium, business, or eCommerce, or did you choose WordPress.org. If you have any questions what the next step is I have more WordPress tutorials for beginners, if you need help with that please watch my next video:


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