What Is Digital Marketing | The #1 Ultimate Guide

what is digital marketing

What is digital marketing – this blog is about digital marketing and online advertising. If you have ever wondered what does digital marketing encompass this is for you. Digital marketing can help grow large businesses and for a shoestring budget can successfully help support local business.

What is Digital Marketing

Once you have built your website and followed the web design guide, you need to carry out web advertising. There are many ways to skin a cat, and below are all the techniques of digital advertising once you know the different methods its best to first start with a marketing strategy to guide you on success.

Online Marketing

Digital marketing can help tell the world what you do and if you need to know what it takes for story development that should help.

What does digital marketing consist of

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What Is Digital Marketing | The #1 Ultimate Guide

So what’s digital marketing it consists of:

  1. SEO
  2. Social Media
  3. Influencer Marketing
  4. Content Writing
  5. Podcasts

Search engine optimisation

An ultimate dedicated guide on what is SEO. The guide includes a Local search engine optimisation. In the manual, you will learn what On-Page SEO is and how to optimise your web pages’ content & HTML code for more relevant traffic and higher search rankings. The advice in this guide is what I apply to my client’s websites as part of my ongoing SEO Services.

Social media marketing

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What Is Digital Marketing | The #1 Ultimate Guide

If you are wondering, does social media marketing work it does, and it helps to promote your business, and you can help give your business social proof. It is possible to turn followers into fans with social media management. There are lots of elements to it from social media marketing hashtag suggestions, understanding which hashtags can have a negative growth all the way to design and influencer marketing.

Social content – Engage your followers with shareable content. Make sure its all-natural and organic posting. My guide will hopefully help with consultation and audience research. It would be best if you got the guidance you need to build your social media presence and turn your fans into brand ambassadors.

Before you start your campaign to increase your exposure:

  1. Determine Marketing Objectives (Brand Awareness, Leads, Sales, etc.)
  2. Demographic Research and Analysis
  3. Installation of Facebook Pixel and Creation of custom audiences based on past customers, mailing list, etc.
  4. Use Existing Site Visitor Information to Build Lookalike Audiences for Other Marketing Campaigns
  5. eCommerce growth strategy, scaling & optimization
  6. Create DPA(Dynamic Product Ads)
  7. Create and Implement Retargeting funnel.
  8. Set out clear policies on who is responsible for your brand management.

Prepare to take time out to understand growth optimisation and daily maintenance of your accounts is vital. Account management means replying to peoples comments and keeping on top of your communication with your clients. Building relationships, community building, community monitoring and having a high level of engagement is what will push you ahead. Make sure you abide by your brand guidelines when online.

Before you start any sort of advertising it’s best to think of the bigger picture and have a social media marketing strategy. Will you be using a tool to post cross-platform, to track competitors? Sitting down and creating a social media campaign is advised. It can become overwhelming so my personal recommendation is to to create a marketing calendar. You can then fine-tune it for each platform and create a Facebook marketing strategy for example. There are tools to allow you to schedule and post, analyse your performance and curate.

Social Media Design

You can compete against your competitors by having custom-designed skins, avatars & more. Design is part of account optimising and details of my methods to gain new followers.

  • Social Posts & Banners – Learn what it takes to create social media posts and banners custom-designed for all the popular platforms. Please make sure you are consistent with branding when it comes to captions and graphics.
  • Thumbnails Design – Attract more visitors with eye-catching thumbnail designs.
  • Headers & Covers – Level-up your social channels with expertly designed headers and covers
  • Once you have your designs Create profile setup and integration – Get your social presence up and running.

Influence Marketing

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What Is Digital Marketing | The #1 Ultimate Guide

Catapult your brand into the limelight with influencer marketing

  • Is influencer marketing effective for a small business?
  • Understand the influencer marketing landscape with research and strategy services – Influencer Marketing Strategy & Research
  • Get your message seen by the all right people, in the all right places by Influencer Marketing Shoutouts & Promotion.
  • There are many groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, but does it help to be part of the online community? Is it worth spending time on social media for advertising? For example, replying to comments and posting in groups similar to your niche.
  • Make sure whatever you do though please avoid false advertising on social media.
  • can influencers drop a pixel into a facebook post

Email marketing

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What Is Digital Marketing | The #1 Ultimate Guide
  • Audience Development is a big part of email marketing. Learn how to grow your reach and better understand your existing audience
  • Copywriting Email marketing – Learn how to refine your message and engage your audience with the perfect copy.
  • Email Platform Support – Learn how to resolve any email platform issues that might be holding you back.
  • Email Templates – Avoid the junk folder with freelance email marketing services
  • Email out surveys. Use surveys to get actionable insights so you can get the job done. Survey Creation learns how to create beautiful, professional surveys to help you understand the people that matter – your customers, employees and potential consumers. Once you have made it and sent them out, analyse your survey data and put actionable insights to work for you.
  • If you need advice on how to get more email subsribers

Referral marketing

  • Lead Generation – Attract and convert new prospects with quality lead generation. An e-book gives away for free, a guide/ step by step download in exchange for their email address. You will see this tactic used within the best referral marketing campaigns larger companies also use.
  • The referral marketing guide can help with inbound marketing
  • To best explain I have created a list of referral marketing examples to guide you on your ways and if you need some more inspiration here is a list of referral marketing ideas.
  • If you need help with landing leads read this article on lead generation strategies.

Content marketing

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What Is Digital Marketing | The #1 Ultimate Guide

Content marketing plays a big part in digital marketing. A good way is to create search-friendly content based on your rivals’ best practices (keeping in mind your target keywords) that drive organic traffic to your website. Content comes in many different shapes and sizes:

  1. Article / blog
  2. Product Description
  3. Website Copy
  4. Email Newsletter (easily boost Click Through Rate ‘CTR’)
  5. Press Release
  6. Media
  7. Ebook
  8. Infographic
  9. Videos
  • Content Marketing – Learn how to create a strategy and be a thought leader. See why marketing and writing services go hand in hand.
  • Research and develop your content marketing strategy
  • When writing your posts learn how to perform contextual optimisation for better results.
  • Guest Posting – Learn how your content doesn’t always need to be on your website exclusively.
  • A big part of content management is making sure your content is unique, pay attention to your copy’s readability and adjust the tone of voice according to your strategy.
  • Also, delve deep in the data. Be sure to analyse your content performance and identify which posts need to be improved on. Your improvements actions might be rewriting content, deleting it or simply updating it. Updating is important as although your posts are published to be aware that no one likes an outdated website. By doing so you might discover new opportunities for adjusting your content strategy.
  • Make sure you have a tracking system in place. It is important to know how many times someone has linked to your article, the referral traffic, keywords rankings for each post and track social engagement.
  • I would advise you to create a content plan. Create a google doc and populate it with popular topics (making sure they are relevant), engaging headlines (within your field), what the most popular questions people ask on your topic and perform a competitor analysis. For further help on how to become a content specialist please check the article out.

Native advertising

  • Is there a place for native advertising. If you have wondered:
    • does all future marketing turn to digital marketing
    • is digital marketing the future of marketing
    • is digital marketing the new way of marketing
  • Crowdfunding – If your business needs capital to get it off the ground, you can turn for others to help. Learn the best crowdfunding services, learn about campaign creation to build and launch your campaign. Learn about Crowdfunding Campaign Marketing to help optimise your crowdfunding campaign
  • How can experiential marketing help a small business?
  • Podcasts – what podcasts would you recommend for a digital marketer. If you decide to create your own make sure you learn Podcast Marketing to expand your audience. Podcast Promotion find the right channels to promote your podcast and expand your audience. Advertising within Podcasts – Get your message heard on other podcasts. It’s worth knowing the difference between viral marketing blogging and podcasting.

Public Relations | PR

Get your name known and reach top-of-mind with PR coverage. It is essential to always think about brand management. Get the word out with professional press releases & newswire

  • Consultation – Public Relations – Learn why and how to carry out PR.
  • Events, Conferences & Awards Public Relations – Learn how to plan which events and conferences are the right ones for your business.
  • Press Release Pitching – Pitch the most relevant media outlets and bloggers.
  • Plan the perfect PR strategy to get your news covered. There are many books but check out this online pr strategy to help you out.
  • As part of your PR strategy and brand monitoring plans. You should consider outreach and find relevant platforms for distribution, identify influences and you can use tools to monitor your competitor’s brands, mentions.

Search engine marketing

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What Is Digital Marketing | The #1 Ultimate Guide

Give your campaigns the upgrade they need with SEM and PPC services.

  • Search Engine Marketing Management – Attract new leads and grow sales through the power of SEM campaigns
  • Setup & Strategy Consultation – Setup your account and build your search marketing strategy
  • Remarketing – Expand your reach by remarketing your ads to relevant customers

Social media advertising

Maybe you are expanding your advertising and wondering is social media the way to go. Learn how to pay for social media advertising and gain expertise. Before you spend money, make sure your survey how effective is paid social media advertising. Ask anyone if they have had any luck with a social media advertising agency before. You will find you can use social media besides advertising new videos. Here is a list of new ideas for Facebook, Instagram social media post advertising. Can social media advertising to drive traffic

ads setup and management learn how to create, launch and maintain your ad campaigns with social media advertising? It is important to keep an eye in low-performing ads and get recommendations on how to improve them. Pro tip creates Ad Variations and Targeting Variations to increase the likelihood that the ads result in the sales you are looking for.

First, make sure you create a strategy and planning. Create the best ad strategy with these social media advertising services

Once you all sorted to make sure you have a plan for social media analytics and tracking, learn how to track user behaviour across platforms to understand what makes people click. The best thing about looking at your analytics is you can find hidden gems or promising stats from past campaigns. The best way of looking at your stats is a full reporting procedure.


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What Is Digital Marketing | The #1 Ultimate Guide

There are different categories within this, such as Cost per impression and Search analytics. Regardless which one you pick make sure you carry out A/B testing and refine your strategy.

  • Product Ad Campaigns – Get your products seen and grow sales through successful ad campaigns
  • Ad Review & Optimisation – Optimise your search and display ads with better targeting, messaging and budgeting
  • Publishers – choose the correct platform for your online advertisement. Will it be Facebook, Bing or Google Ads via their Google Display Network (GDN). Your advert will be displayed on websites which have chosen to embed Googles Adsense for publishes.
  • Counties – Be sure you localise your adverts to where your customer is based. Top tip – the cost of advertising on Google Ads differs from region to region and the industry impacts cost as well. If you spend some time you might be able to find high volume but low-cost areas to run your ad.
  • Devices – does your competitor deliver adverts to different devices ie.e. laptop vis mobile or is it more granular mobile IOS vs Android
  • Advertising research starts with your competitors. Look at their advertising behaviour, their copy, their paid strategy, their format (banner, text) figure out who your PPC rivals are, what their budget and what keywords they use. Certain tools allow you to check what subdomains they are sending traffic to and the seasonality of their advertising spend. It’s a good idea to see how it correlates to where they are directing their traffic, their landing page.
  • Product Listing Ads (PLA) – find out where your customers eCommerce products are being advertised. Look into their Google Shopping keywords, their PLA copy.

Web analytics

If you see a dip and drop in your web analytics, don’t just look internally. Look externally and see what your competitors are doing which you are not. Competitive analysis is essential.

As well as looking internally, look externally as well when looking into both search and web analytics. Carrying out a market explorer exercise will help massively. This way, you can see the market size and potential, key players and what strategies they have in place to generate traffic. These key players are your competitors, and learning their target market customers demand and interest, how they get traffic and geo-distribution will help you win.

Display advertising

This consists of such things as Ad blocking, Contextual advertising, Behavioural targeting, Affiliate marketing, Cost per action, Revenue sharing, Mobile advertising.

Display Marketing Campaigns – Attract new leads and grow sales through the visual power of display marketing campaigns.

Video Marketing

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What Is Digital Marketing | The #1 Ultimate Guide

Get clicks and results with video marketing, production & advertising. Understanding good video practices will help with viral video marketing. If you learn how to create videos to catch the audience’s attention and put them into playlists, this will increase watch time. Make sure you keep the focus on each video on how to increase audience retention.

  • what percentage of your small business marketing efforts are youtube marketing
  • Video Promotion & Distribution – Get your video seen by all the right people, in the all right places.
  • Video SEO – Get your videos noticed with youtube SEO and starts with channel setup before you rush into carrying out content planning and production.
  • Video Ad Campaigns – Utilise video advertising to stay ahead of the competition
  • Consultation & Audience Research – Build your social video strategy. This consist of building in time for channel monitoring.

eCommerce marketing

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What Is Digital Marketing | The #1 Ultimate Guide
  • After you have read the web design guide and have created an online shop, you can now learn about what is viral marketing in e-commerce. It will allow you to grow sales and Improve your eCommerce marketing efforts. You need to decide if you want to market your Amazon, eBay, Etsy or just your Shopify/ WooCommerce store.
  • Product Listings – Create professional product listings
  • Product & Storefront SEO – Get your product discovered by enhancing your storefronts and listings.

Market Place Listing

Get Your Products Up And Selling – get your products in front of millions of customers.
Product Descriptions – write product description customised to all your products and catch the attention of your readers.
Product Photography – Refine your brand’s look and improve credibility with product photography.
Photoshop Editing – The perfect image
Product Research – helps to target the right market with the best selling products. This way, you will become an amazon expert, eBay expert, Etsy expert.
Mobile Marketing & Advertising
Reach millions with app store optimisation (ASO), app marketing & mobile ad campaign services.

Mobile Ad Campaigns

Attract new leads and grow sales through the power of mobile ad campaigns
Store Optimisation – Get your app noticed and increase downloads with the help of optimisation

Digital Online Marketing

This is a list of all current aspects of web marketing to help you understand what is digital marketing. If you would like to learn what are the future aspects of a digital marketer, we will include it there.

Following the above, you will be able to tackle the topic of digital marketing but to become an exemplary example of this trade first you need ask is digital marketing right for me if yes, you now need to know what skills should a new digital marketer learn. Once you have that information how do you learn to become a digital marketer and most importantly than how to be a good digital marketer.


Please, in the comments, let me know as a freelancer, individual, small business or a digital marketer what:

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  5. How did your small business find marketing help?