Web Design Guide – Powerful techniques for that #1 design

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After successfully running my web design York company I have learnt some best practices to make your web presence stand out from the crowd.

This web design guide is aimed at teaching you what goes into making a website and what to focus on if you’re the one making it. Or what to ask and expect from your web designer if you were to hire a web designer.  Perfect if you’re starting a website or if you have ever asked how can I learn web design and follow the best practices?

Web Design Guide

There are different design elements, areas of web design and web conventions one should grasp all skills and techniques including graphic web design; interface design; authoring, including standardised code and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimisation. 

A good website should include markup and be search engine optimisation friendly if you would like to learn more I wrote a guide on what is SEO

A good website in my opinion is one where it abides by the companies style guide and is conversion optimised.

Graphic design

Visually communicate your message by using typography, photography, iconography and illustration. Making things look good by using communication design. Motion graphics and infographics can help convey a message. 


Typograpghy is using fonts, exploring sizes and creatively using styles to communicate emotions and a message. No matter what font you use, it should be legible and apparent to the person on your website. Play around with different fonts and keep your favourite in your design elements to reference as you progress.

Page layout

Organising your web content, whether that’s graphics or text, you can communicate your message. Take a moment to consider how you want your page to be laid out.

Wireframe UX – The best way to do this is the picture you is the customer and what would expect. Design a unique wireframe & UX for your site.

User experience design (UX design)

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Web Design Guide - Powerful techniques for that #1 design

UX is about the user experience when using the website and what their opinion, emotions and attitude are when interacting with your website. For example, is it easy to find the navigation bar? Usability is a big part of what makes a website useful. User interface design (UI design)

Looking at colours and typography on the user interface design. The website you make should be usable and functional. 

Before you publish your site please test it by following this website launch checklist.

UI and UX

UI and UX go hand in hand. It is about both design and interactive design. Here are some significant elements:

  1. navigation
  2. A well located search box
  3. distinction (scale)
  4. breath
  5. white space 
  6. contrast 
  7. grids (and when to break grids
  8. typography
  9. mobile
  10. Colours – web accessibility 

Graphic UI – Make customers a part of your brand with graphical user interface design and the use of Icons & Buttons. Allows you to add the bells and whistles with custom icons and buttons for web and mobile

Colour Theory

Colours should be part of your design elements as they can evoke different emotions and should be used wisely to reflect your brand. This can be the main colour or the background colour.

Web Design techniques

I’ve reviewed many websites and documented them, website review york, and I know various web design techniques. Marketing and communication design. Generated content. There will be different techniques deployed depending on what page and the function of its servers, i.e. Homepage design. Some popular web design methods are:

  • Responsive Web Design Approach.
  • Keeping Consistency.
  • Using Responsive Pictures.
  • CSS Media Queries. 
  • Employing Responsive Data Tables.
  • Design an Awesome Navigation System. 
  • Reduce Flash and Animation.
  • Test
  • Dynamic websites and reducing the need for Static websites and pages

For useful set of web design standards and guidelines.

Responsive web design (RWD)

Responsive web design is an approach to ensure websites render and display appropriately on various devices and different sized screens. If you need help please don’t shy away to hire me as your responsive web designer. User interface design should be responsive.

Web & Mobile Design – Streamline your designs from mobile UI to landing pages

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Web Design Guide - Powerful techniques for that #1 design

Adaptive web design (AWD)

Instead of creating one page, one static page and hoping it works on all sizes and different devices. You can ensure it does so. AWD differs from RWD as you build a page differently for a mobile device than you would for a desktop device. 

Progressive enhancement

Focusing on putting web content first.

Tableless web design

Using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) as opposed to using HTML tables is a more modern way to create websites.


There is a lot of paid-for non-free proprietary software on the market. Some tools and technologies cater to beginners, some cater for web engineering, web development people.

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Sketch (software)
  • Affinity Designer. If you need a guide on affinity designer for dummies just say and I will provide.
  • Inkscape

Page builders

  • There are many commercial website builders on the market.
  • that creates HTML
  • page builders bad for SEO? page builders vs SEO do it have a negative impact
  • Gutenberg vs page builders for speed and efficiency
  • suggestions on website builders for just a landing page
  • which landing page builders do you guys use and recommend
  • For those of you not using page builders what are you using


  • Elementor Divi builder or beaver builder
  • new to WordPress Divi or Elementor
  • what are your favourite Elementor plugins

eCommerce website builder

Want to know how to create an eCommerce solution and e-commerce marketplace solutions. Below are some of the platforms:

  1. Shopify. If you are not familiar with this platform, you can hire a freelance Shopify web designer or a freelance Shopify developer.
  2. Magento marketplace
  3. Woocommerce. I am a WooCommerce Developer and can build your online shop.
  4. If you need any help, please note I am a freelance e-commerce developer.


  • WordPress works well with other website builders.
  • WordPress page content outside WordPress
  • site ground WordPress hosting vs Namecheap
  • how are WordPress plugins differentiated by WordPress
  • is investing money in WordPress page builders worth it in blogging
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Web Design Guide - Powerful techniques for that #1 design

WordPress development  

  • Improve your site’s speed and design. This can boil down to the choice of website builders to bets help the web users.
  • Full Website Creation – Go beyond the blog with a whole WordPress web design to wow your audience. Build your dream website from scratch with website creation specialists
  • Edit, customise & optimise your WordPress site with help from me, a freelance expert and I’m one of the WordPress developer UK based. I will make your website as dynamic as you are with expert customisation.
  • Bug Fixes – Exterminate WordPress bugs with help from freelance WordPress developers – No matter your WordPress, SquareSpace, or website issue.
  • Performance & SEO – Enhance your WordPress Optimisation SEO for speed, discoverability, and a fantastic experience
  • Landing Page – Get noticed with a well-designed and responsive landing page for your website by a WordPress developer – Nail the first impression with a well-designed and responsive landing page.
  • WP Installation & Setup – Blog with confidence with experts to install, build and setup your WordPress
  • Theme/Plugin Installation – Your brand’s got style. Discover website themes and plugins to match it
  • Backup, Cloning & Migration – Migrate your website to another host, or create a backup by a skilled developer
  • CMS 

eCommerce website deisgn 

E-Commerce Management your business is your passion. Be sure you have everything you require to manage your e-commerce business. Learn the best way to advertise an eCommerce website.

  • Product Research – Make sure you conduct quality research to target the right market with the best selling products.
  • Product Upload – Be sure to manage your inventory and uploading your products to your online store.
  • Supplier & Vendor Sourcing – Find, negotiate and secure deals with the most relevant vendors and suppliers for your e-commerce business
  • Store Management – Manage your e-commerce store with the help from Woocomerce developers.
  • Data Entry – plays a part

Make Your E-Commerce Website Stand Out – A one-stop-shop for building an unforgettable experience.

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Web Design Guide - Powerful techniques for that #1 design
  • Full Website Creation – Sell with confidence with developers to build your eCommerce online store
  • Graphic UI – Make customers a part of your brand with a graphical user interface design
  • Website Content – write top quality content and build a content-rich website that Google will love
  • Dropshipping – 5 Steps To Start Your Dropshipping Business – Create, Launch & Grow Your Dropshipping Business
  • Shopify Developers, WooCommerce Developers, Magento Developers, help you successfully meet your project planning goals and deadline

Make sure you pick an eCommerce solution which helps your business grow. I give my review and a clear winner stating why for the two big e-commerce platforms WooCommerce vs Shopify.

Web Programming

Computer programming tailored to your needs with the aim of helping web users.

  • Web Application – Build your dream web Application from scratch
  • Custom Website – Give your business home with a custom site
  • Bug Fixes – Stomp out website bugs
  • Scripting – Coded script to add flare to your web programs
  • Convert PSD – Convert your PSD to anything you need
  • Performance & Security – Maintain peak performance, while putting your eCommerce site’s safety first
  • Chatbots – Discover chatbots – cutting edge technology that does the talking for you

We programming knowledge helps when it comes to reducing css code.

Website Development

  • python database
  • fluid vs responsive website development 
  • Richfaces alternative for website application development
  • python website development
  • organising asp.net website development process
  • website development in a team
  • js or rails for website development
  • website development frameworks utilities for dart
  • managing team development on a shared website
  • hiding a Django website during a development
  • could someone review my eCommerce website

Web Development

Web development ranges from making a static one-page website to a full 100 page, post several times a day everyday dynamic website. 

  1. web development 
  2. inetrnet 
  3. worldwide web 
  4. intranet 
  5. static page 
  6. plain text 
  7. ineternet applciations 
  8. electronic businesses 
  9. social network services 
  10. web engineering 
  11. web content development 
  12. client-side/ server-side scritping 
  13. webserver 
  14. netwrok security 
  15. e-commerce
  16. content management systems
  17. agile methodoligies 
  18. graphic designer
  19. information systems 
  20. front-end developer
  21. full stack developer
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Web Design Guide - Powerful techniques for that #1 design

Front-end web development is turning the back end code into nice looking graphics via HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). This can be achieved by CSS framework, JavaScript, Server-side scripting and Visual Studio Code.

How can I learn web design

This guide should help you and there are many videos tutorials on my other blog to help you with your design decisions.


Hopefully, the web design guide has helped you understand the different web conventions. Here are some new website launch announcement ideas. After the dust settles and you need more advice here is a guide on website promotion. Make sure you do all you can to promote it.

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