Sales Funnel Service


Get more leads, increase conversion and maximise profits


Sales funnels will turn your website into a selling machine. Buying this service is only to have the software installed. Any further work, such as creating the funnels, will be charged at £100 per hour.

Sales funnel landing page which allows for:

  • One-click sales funnel
  • Frictionless checkout
  • Order bumps
  • Upsells / down sells
  1. Website Visitors – Traffic comes into your website (SEO, social media)
  2. Landing Page – The landing page (large hero section featuring product image with a compelling title including a call to action to buy, below a list of features what the product does and then another call to action to buy it, below are testimonials, then FAQ and finally if they have to clicked already a call to action to buy it.
  3. Checkout page – Customer presses ‘order now’ on the landing page and is taken to a checkout page. The checkout page is different from your normal WooCommerce checkout page. It is distraction-free. No top navigation bar, no sidebar; the only action is to fill in their card details.
  4. Upsell – an opportunity to increase their basket. WAIT Before you go! Don’t leave with the original product; get this secondary product and the accessories worth £x and get gift wrapping.. add the offer to your cart.
  5. Downsell – If they refuse the upsell ‘WAIT – one last offer – how about just the gift wrapping‘  ‘add to my order’.
  6. Thank you page – an invoice showing the total amount. At the bottom of the invoice, social media buttons so they can follow you.

The above is an example, and every funnel can be different and tailored to your business needs. Perfect for those new to selling or have an existing shop.

Bronze functionality 

  • Landing Page
  • Two-column Check0ut
  • Thank you Page

Silver functionality 

  • Everything in Bronze and:
  • One-click Upsell
  • One-click Downsell

Gold functionality 

  • Everything in Gold
  • Order Bumps
  • One column checkout
  • 2-Step checkout
  • cart abandonment
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Customisation of the checkout page (a reasonable amount of changes such as custom fields, field reordering, change field labels, hide fields)
  • Countdown timers
  • Facebook pixel integration (setup not included)

An example of when to use this: simple funnel for a free eBook as part of your lead magnet, a new funnel to run PPC ads for valentines day / Christmas.

WooCommerce is brilliant, but these sales funnel services allow you to:

  • Advertise only items you need to sell
  • Laser-focused selling
  • Add correct guarantees, benefits, and reassurance.
  • Analytics and tracking 0 improve conversions using data.
  • Conversion optimised checkout

Only for those who have their website hosted with Focused All Day. If you are hoping to take payments and sell products, you need to have WooCommerce and payment provider(s) setup. I can help with that.

I will need the following from you:

  • Buyer persona – who is your customer, so I know who to target with the design.
  • What the offer is – so I know what the customer is getting.
  • Testimonials – videos, online reviews, awards, accolades.
  • Any supporting documents – for example, if you have an eBook or any images you would like to use, please send that across.

The software which allows you to do this is included in active subscribers of either the Silver and Gold website maintenance plans.


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