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This affiliate solution will turn your WordPress website into your own affiliate scheme. It is easy to learn and get to grips with.

I will:

  • Install and configure software onto your website providing advanced affiliate and referral tracking.
  • Offer training on how to get the most out of the software.
  • Add 1 creative to your affiliate area.


  • Your website needs to be hosted and remained hosted by Focused All Day.
  • It must be a WordPress WooCommerce online store.
  • You need to provide me with the terms of use for Affiliate Registration.


  • Accurate affiliate tracking
  • Interagtated payout service
  • Real-time reporting
  • Complete integration with your WooCommerce website
  • Unlimited affiliates
  • Unlimited creatives (I offer another service where I can create your graphics. Affiliates will then be able to login to their affiliate area and download them and can embed them on their website. This service allows you to create unlimited creatives and comes with 1 creative).
  • Affilaite coupon tracking
  • Easy affiliate management
  • Automatic affiliate creation
  • Manual affiliate approval
  • Affiliate are
  • Referral link generator
  • Referral rate types
  • Easy affiliate registration
  • Affiliate URLs
  • Set cookie expiration
  • Customisable emails
  • Payout Logs


  • Blocks – A set of blocks for use within the new WordPress editor
  • Starting Affiliate ID – Specify a custom ID for the very first affiliate who registers, or for the next affiliate registration
  • Affiliate Area Tabs – Manage the Affiliate Area’s tabs
  • Affiliate Info – Show information based on the affiliate’s referral URL
  • External Referral Links – Allows affiliates to promote external WordPress-based pages.
  • Allow Own Referrals – Allows an affiliate to earn commission on their own referrals.
  • Show Affiliate Coupons – Show affiliates tracked coupon codes assigned to them.


Everything in Bronze plus:

  • Allowed Products – Allows only specific products to generate commission.
  • Affiliate Area Shortcodes – Provides shortcodes for each tab of the Affiliate Area.
  • Affiliate Product Rates – Set product referral rates on a per-affiliate level
  • Leaderboard – Show a leaderboard of your top affiliates
  • Sign Up Bonus – Entice more affiliates to register by offering a signup bonus
  • Store Credit – Pay your affiliates with a store credit
  • Order Details For Affiliates – Allow affiliates to see order details on referrals they generated
  • Force Pending Referrals – Force each referral to have a status of “pending” when created
  • WooCommerce Redirect Affiliates – Redirect affiliates to their affiliate area when they log in.
  • Checkout Referrals – Allows a customer to award a referral to a specific affiliate at checkout.
  • Direct Link Tracking – Allow affiliates to link directly to your site, from their site, without the need for an affiliate link


Everything in Gold plus:

  • PayPal Payouts – Instantly pay affiliates. One-click payments through PayPal
  • Custom Affiliate Slugs – Automatically generate custom slugs, or let your affiliates create their own
  • Signup Referrals – Award commission when referred users sign up for a WordPress user account
  • Pushover Notifications – Send push notifications on new referrals to your affiliates!
  • Lifetime Commissions – Allow your affiliates to receive a commission on all future purchases by the customer
  • Recurring Referrals – Track on-going referrals for subscription payments and membership plugins
  • Affiliate Landing Pages – Ability to have dedicated landing pages for your affiliates, which they can promote without using an affiliate link (creation on the  landing page is part of another service and is not included in this)
  • Tiered Affiliate Rates – Reward your affiliates with higher commission rates.
  • Affiliate Dashboard Sharing – Allow your affiliates to share generated referral URLs easily
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