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Why Website Development?

Reduced Bounce Rate

Have you been on a website and left without interacting with it, reading any of the pages, sending an enquiry form or leaving without ringing for more information? Are you finding this to be the case on your website or worried your future website would be the same?

It’s hard to face, your product or services were ready to be sold, you attracted lots of people to your site and then as soon as they came they left. 

Higher Conversion Rates

Focused All Day keeps conversion in mind when developing websites. We make sure the right answer readily available to the customer, so they do not get bored and exit. By having a lower bounce rate will positively impact your SEO as you would meet the ‘search intent’ factor. 

Your website overall will be speedy and your pages will be error-free and will load fast. Speed of a website is another factor of what influences page one search engine results.  

website Development Features

We use several different speed tests to find out where any pinch points are and correct them.

Having an HTTP SSL certificate means your customers feel safe while on your site and search engines will be happy to rank. By developing your website, we can ensure all pages will have the padlock. 

As we will be developing your site and will know it inside out if at a later date you wanted more pages added it would be less work.

We have the solution!

We help those wanting to increase their sales keep visitors on their website by building engaging pages

Why Would Someone want website Development?

More mobile traffic
Faster Pages
Lower Bounce Rates
Higher Conversion

Why Choose Us for web design?

We have many years of experience, and we take web design seriously. 

how our web design We differ?

We are very involved in the web design community and stay in touch with all the best practices. 


Everything works

All links are clickable, and emails arrive safely, forms correctly developed.


Fast Page Speeds 

We look more profound than just the pretty dashboard numbers of speed tests and delve deeper into pinch points resulting in fast load times.


Better SEO

SEO from day one

We develop all websites to get you seen.

Choose My Web Design Workflow

Let me Develop Your Services Magazine Blog Portfolio Website

seo focused all day


At first, it is essential to learn about you, your business, your brand, your objectives/ requirements, what you like, and what you do not.


Web Design

Create mock-up prototypes and wireframe of what your site will look like and share them with you—an excellent opportunity to gain your input.

seo audit focused all day


After you approve the layout, we will commence web development to a high standard. Your website will be robust, user friendly, functional and SEO-friendly.

Mail icon focused all day


We reserve time to deliver training so you can get the most out of your website.

Phoneicon focused all day


After all the modifications to your website are complete, an analysis will be carried out on various devices to assure it works as intended.

chat window focused all day


Always here, always happy to help.

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How much does website development cost?

Transparency is essential, to us and so we decided to show you our web development services list and prices of three different tiers. Web development can differ in many ways: do you want an essential 1-page website, five responsive pages, a landing page, pop-ups, social media integration? Hopefully, the below price lists helps guide you and if you are unsure what you need, please do not hesitate in contacting us. 

Website development Prices

If you are wondering how much is the average cost of website development for small business is. I have answered this by supplying the prices to help you gain an idea of how much web development costs are. Every project is unique, so please contact us about your project so you can get a more accurate quote.

How much does web development cost?

 Please look at our ballpark pricing for web development, and if you have any questions, please give us a call on 07582598282 (or click the number)

Digital Marketing only for those serious about success

You must

  • Be willing to put in some groundwork
  • Have a professional work ethic
  • Be willing to learn!
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Ask Us Anything

Using the designs we mock-up and you approved in the web design stage, we will start to build a functional website. Once created, we will test it and then deliver training.

The services we offer are web design, eCommerce development, SEO, social media marketing and PPC. To see a full list of our offerings, please see the services page.

York, North Yorkshire. We can talk by phone or email, whatever works best for you.

Please contact us, and we will be in touch with questions such as what is your business, what does it do.

Yes. Training to be supplied via video or a phone call and we will talk to you about the different pages and features.

Speed plays a large part in user experience and SEO rankings, but there are many other factors. When we web design, we focus on all of them appropriately. 

We design websites and develop websites with SEO in mind. Search engines will be happy to search your website. In terms of the daily activities to ensure your website does well in the rankings, please see our SEO page

Digital Marketing only for those serious about success

You must

  • Be willing to put in some groundwork
  • Have a professional work ethic
  • Be willing to learn!
freelance web designer portrait of simon womersley

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