Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Management for Small Business

Hire a Social Media Manager!

Helping you build your online network with social media management services.

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Keep your business in the public eye on all social media platforms.

Focused All Day will keep your business in the public eye by posting great social media content consistently.

Engaging with your audience and sharing industry news helping to build your authority

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You can enjoy the benefits of a social media manager without the cost.

Hire a knowledgeable and passionate professional regarding social media posts to manage your accounts and has the experience to meet your goals.

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You can focus on what you do best, Focused All Day will take care of the rest.

Social media expert who will handle posting, responding to comments, and focus on your social networking growth achieving success on all channels.

Passionate about social media and marketing.

Web Design – eCommerce – SEO

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Instantly connect to your customers.

Focused All Day will help you expand your social media networks.

Managing your brand on various social media channels and you get the credit and the time to do other things.

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Making Social Media Easier.

First, create a social media strategy making sure that your business stays consistent on all of your social media accounts.

There to help make sure everything is running smoothly and your customers are getting the right messages.

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You can focus on your business.

You have better things to do than sit on social media every day.

With Focused All Day, you can have someone take care of all of your social media campaigns for you. Focused All Day runs clients’ Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, allowing you to run your business.

Social Media Management made simple.

Web Design – eCommerce – SEO

  • Bronze One Page – £395
  • Silver Brochure Style – £525
  • Gold Advanced – £1,000
  • Bespoke Online Business Solution – From £2,500
  • Silver Simple Shop – £1,500
  • Gold Bigger Shop – £2,200
  • Advanced Enhanced – £3,500
  • Bespoke Business Solution From – £5,000
  • Website Hosting – £15 p/m
  • eCommerce Hosting – £30 p/m
  • Bronze Hosting and Maintenance – £79 p/m
  • Silver Hosting & Advanced Maintenance – £250 p/m
  • Gold Hosting, Maintenance and ‘Silver 50/50’ SEO package – £750 p/m
  • SEO Boost Laying the foundation – £250 one-off
  • Bronze DIY guided SEO – £195 p/m
  • Silver “50/50” – £550 p/m
  • Gold “Done for you” – £1,200 p/m

Passionate about social media and marketing


Why Social Media Services?

Other businesses post something, and it goes viral, yours, on the other hand, is stagnant. Your competitors use social media to reach out to their customers and consequently gain more people’s attention. This is why you should hire a social media consultant.

What is Social Media Marketing Services?

Social media marketing or social media management uses different social platforms for advertising products or services. All platforms need a different approach. You can post the same message on various platforms, but it shouldn’t be a carbon copy.

What does a social media marketing expert do?

Focused All Day helps business owners to connect with people by building up important relationships.