Social Media Marketing

Why use social media for business?

Why Social Media?

Other businesses post something, and it goes viral, yours, on the other hand, is stagnant.

Your competitors use social media to reach out to their customers and consequently gain the attention of more people.

What is Social Media?

Social media marketing or social media management is the practice of using different social platforms to advertise products or services.

All platforms need a different approach. You can post the same message on various platforms, but it shouldn’t be a carbon copy.

Breakdown by Social Media Platform

A great way to promote services, increase customer support and boost recognition. Facebook is an important part of social media.

Best for building networks and connections and should be part of your social media strategy. 

Find inspiration and ideas. If your business picture were on Pinterest people would be able to add it to their board, comment and visit your website

Allows you to improve on your customer service, advertise your latest blogs and increase sales

I have the solution!


platforms by Monthly Logins


Why Choose Me?

I can help with your brand campaign and take your social media marketing strategy to the next level. Experienced in knowing what works and what doesn’t.

How I differ?

First, before posting anything on your social media, we work on a plan; secondly, we create ideas, thirdly we post; finally, we analyse to learn for next time. 

Get Likes

Goals and Objectives

Let us work together in setting clear goals and objectives

Get Followers

Define Audience 

After defining your target audience, we analyse your network to see those who are likely to engage with posts. As a result, increasing the with the number of comments and shares.

Grow Connections

Create and Publish

Campaigns which connect, involve and convert an audience naturally will increase leads.

Social Media Management Packages

Let me grow your network outreach online presence visibility engagement

seo focused all day


At first, it is essential to learn about you, your business, your brand, your objectives/ requirements, what you like, and what you do not.

great ideas focused all day


Generate ideas which provoke emotion and engage viewers

seo audit focused all day


Copy write, create the text and proofread it. Create the images and video content which get posted on your social media.

social media sharing focused all day


Using a social calendar and analytics figure the best content to post on your social media and at what time to carry out the online marketing.

chat window focused all day


Respond to comments of your target audience and share, like, follow others to be part of your broader community extending your network.

increase chart focused all day

Analysis and learning

Learn what's working on your social media and what is not. Repeat the workflow.

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Social Media Management Pricing UK

Transparency is essential, to us, and so we decided to show you our social media marketing services list and prices of three different tiers. Social media marketing can differ in many ways: which platforms do you want to post to, are you hoping to boost brand awareness, do you want to respond to comments do you want to analyse the competitions? Hopefully, the below price lists helps guide you and if you are unsure what you need, please do not hesitate in contacting us. 

Social Media Packages for small business UK

If you are wondering how much is the average cost of social media marketing is we have answered this by supplying the prices and which social media platforms to help you gain an idea of how much our social media marketing packages are. Every project is unique, so please contact us about your project so we can give a more accurate quote.

Social Media Consultant Rates

Our ballpark pricing for social media management is below, and if you have any questions on which social networks is best for you, please give us a call on 07582598282 (or click the number)

Ask Me Anything

Focused All Day also create websites designed to get you found on Google. Please see our services page for a full list of our offerings.

First, it is essential to learn about you, your business and your objectives. Then we create new ideas which we know social media users will engage either by sharing or commenting. Then we create the posts and schedule them for the right time. We can engage with the comments if you require and also analyse the findings, allowing us to go from strength to strength.

By using software, we can admittedly analyse competitors posts, as a result, learn from their success and failures. We take this knowledge and apply it to your posts.

It is essential to understand what each platform is for and when to use it.

Yes, we can take over your social media management, allowing you to run your business.

Social Media Marketing helps build up recognition for your brand; it helps engage with potential or existing customers. Furthermore, it increases your inbound traffic.

Skittles do well as they use humour and regular posts, consequently turning their followers into loyal customers.

Please see above for our three different social media marketing prices.

Digital Marketing only for those serious about success

You must

  • Be willing to put in some groundwork
  • Have a professional work ethic
  • Be willing to learn!
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