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When providing SEO York services, I work hard in getting websites ranked in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other major search engines. I’m a firm believer that having a website is great at growing your business and SEO is the missing link in getting your website the traffic it deserves, and that is where I can help.

The best thing about SEO is you can get website visitors for free, maybe that’s the Yorkshireman inside me coming out!

That’s right if you were top of the search engines you’re organic traffic would result in more enquires and more sales. Instead of paying for online advertisement like pay per click (PPC) SEO means you get natural, organic traffic. My full search engine optimisation (SEO services) consists of many different elements, namely technical SEO, on-page content optimisation, off-page SEO and local SEO.

At first, I carry out an SEO audit, and this provides me with all the necessary details from here, I can create an SEO strategy and a roadmap on what actions to take next. I identify, fix and improve your SEO.

During this audit, I carry out competitive analysis and look at what your competitors are doing and what you are missing out—in a nutshell, inspecting their digital presence with a human eye and various software. I will look at what keywords and search queries they rank for and what search terms you are missing to understand what opportunities exist.

I then delve more in-depth, and my SEO work sees me carrying out a technical audit, and then I implement the technical SEO needed to improve your site to acquire results. I am essentially fixing any errors on your websites such as broken images, pages, posts and links. Maybe your website needs to be restructured, so it is search engine friendly. I do all of this, no jargon or un-readable reports. I get it done!

I will improve the speed of your website and usability. No one likes slow websites and users want a good web experience—one where it is easy to navigate and use. As part of my technical SEO, I audit your website with premium tools and fix them. As geeky as it is, I enjoy seeing the various SEO dashboards as showing website health as low. Then I make sure to increase the health and fix all the underlying issues.

Once your website is robust, I focus on content marketing, and by this, I mean I carry out a content audit and see what is in need for my on-page optimisation skills. By now, I will know what you define as business goals and what metrics you see as important. I will review what pages and post your website has and analyse the data. It will show me what content is out of date, needs updating and what needs re-wording and optimising. I will work closely with you, and your business in creating a content marketing strategy. Content doesn’t need to be all about long-winded words, stuffing keywords, it can be a nice image, infographic, video anything someone can relate to and share. The key here is I will be working with you to make content for humans and not search engines. 

Now your website is in good condition, and you are proud to have your logo and business icon on it and call it yours, it is time to focus on off-page SEO. Off-page, SEO is merely promoting and showing off your website! Promotion can be anything from posting it on social media as part of your social media marketing or other websites.

I will then focus more on your local SEO. It might involve creating a Google My Business account (which in its own right is a social media platform), optimising it, so your business profile is shown on Google maps and the local map packs. Being visible on local search engines can help a business when clients Google your [niche + near me], and your appear in the York map or to provide directions via Google maps. Local traffic and clienelt convert well!

As part of your digital marketing plan, we will talk about off-page SEO, and I will explain what happens outside of your website on other sites such as social media networks as part of your social media marketing reflects your business. The gift and curse of link building, backlinks and how trying to wallpaper your business banner across the web might not be the best tactic. 

Get in touch if you would like to hear about my SEO work.

Digital Marketing only for those serious about success

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SEO Marketing York

I am an independent SEO expert and not an SEO agency.  I bring all the advantages of an SEO agency regardless if that’s an agency York-based or an SEO agency elsewhere. The bonus of hiring me is you’ll be talking to the actual person who will obtain your search results. As a freelancer SEO, I am not an expensive digital marketing agency. I am affordable and cost-effective. I’m not a faceless SEO agency. I’m not an oversees online marketing company. I am a York local and here to boost your online presence!

I was born in York hospital and raised in York. It was at secondary school in York I first learned about SEO and truthfully was astonished at what I heard. I asked how I could pursue it further and was advised on a specific University course. I eventually moved away to go to University, where I gained a 1st BSc (Hons) degree in the recommended course Business Computing and Information Systems. I moved back to York and started Focused All Day a creative web design and SEO company offering SEO in York to York-based businesses.

I have worked with other companies from across the UK, but most of my clients are York-based. With webcams, chat, emails and phone calls, it means I can offer SEO services to clients remotely. An advantage of hiring a York SEO consultant like myself is I can pop into your site/ premises and say Hi when I’m out and about in York.

Get in touch if you would like to hear about my high quality SEO company.

Digital Marketing only for those serious about success

Web Design – eCommerce – SEO

Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is part of a long term marketing plan and true SEO experts echo this. What works today as an SEO campaign might not work in years to come, and it is essential to embrace change and update processes and tactics. What stays the same is that business owners like yourself want high-quality traffic so you and your team can provide your service and gain new customers.

I aim to provide the best SEO services to a York business, and make sure my way of working is all about looking at how to increase your rankings. All of this takes time and effort. There are SEO tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, which, for example, can automatically take care of certain reporting. For example, the position tracking so I can report where your company is ranking on Google without having to Google every query, every day to see where you are ranking in the search results. However, a large part of a SEO campaign requires a lot of my time hence why I do not offer free SEO and only work with people and a business who are serious about digital marketing.

There are SEO experts out there who make promises to get you to the top of the search and beat your competitors. It sounds very enticingly and something you think I would advertise on my website. The truth is SEO consultants do not control Google. Yes, I am an SEO consultant, yes, I get search engine results for my customers, but the only thing I can promise is that I will follow the same process I used on my other clients which helped grow their business. Not attractive copy, but it is the truth, and I will stick with being honest and transparent.

I do this by combing data from tools such as Google Analytics, competitive research, and make sure to use knowledge of what works well all in the hope to get you ranking on Google and other search engines as highly and quickly possible. With an increase in search visibility, you will enjoy more website traffic, brand awareness, audience engagement and sales! I design and implement SEO strategies for start-up companies who own a small website to large companies carrying out eCommerce SEO. I want the best for all of my clients, and search engine optimisation is the way to get you found online.

If you would like to talk with me about my York SEO services, how I differ from other SEO consultants, discuss your SEO strategy and what search results you might get with my process, please get in touch.

Digital Marketing only for those serious about success

Web Design – eCommerce – SEO

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