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Focused All Day is a Harrogate SEO company that can help you rank on Google.

Harrogate SEO Consultant

Are you struggling to get your website found online?

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Increase your organic search engine rankings.

People might have found your business in person when walking past valley gardens, the royal baths and Bettys, but what happens when they are at home?

They Google you, and you need to be visible; otherwise, your competitors will win.

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Get more customers through your website.

Get more traffic and more site visitors every month.

Increase your online presence by making sure your website ranks on Google. Organic traffic is free traffic, saving you money.

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Get real results.

Get ranked on Google for keywords that matter.

Optimise your website’s speed, improve the technical structure, carry out keyword research and competitive analysis.

SEO consultant in Harrogate – get more website traffic today!

Web Design – eCommerce – SEO

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Technical SEO Analysis.

The SEO services are broken down into technical SEO analysis, website optimisation and technical SEO.

In house procedures and years of expertise, Premium software is used to create and implement an SEO strategy.

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Organic Ranking.

Focused All Day provide organic rankings for websites. SEO campaigns are carried out to gain visibility in search by increasing the quality of your website content.

SEO is a form of digital marketing services. All clients get a dashboard to see their rankings in search. Based in Tockwith, a village part of Harrogate District.

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Blog Promotion.

Now you’ve written a blog it needs to be optimised, to show up in Google and other major search engines.

Creation of relevant content and on-page optimisation to get your brand out there and increase leads and sales.

You found this page.
Now let Focused All Day help other people find your business on Google.

Web Design – eCommerce – SEO


What does a Search Engine Optimisation consultant (SEO) do?

An SEO consultant invests time in getting your website found by Google and other search engines. This can be by optimising internal links and reaching out to other website owners and gaining external links. Once found, make sure the website user stays on your website by increasing the accessibility, navigation, and speed.

What is keyword optimisation?

Researching what keyword phrase and terms your potential clients are likely to type into their search engine to find you, your team, your products and services.

What are the benefits of your SEO rather than other SEO Agencies?

Is your website where you want it to be on Google search result? Have you ever struggled to find yourself even beyond the first page on Google? As a result, it gets little to no traffic; you get no leads and no sales. You see your competitors higher up than you on the search result, and you want to be there on the same page, and you know if you were the phone would ring more. SEO can increase your online visibility.

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