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Rent A Website Services

Have you asked can you rent a website? The answer is yes, Focused All Day offer this service! In exchange for a top-notch site, there is a small monthly fee instead of a large upfront fee. 

Suppose you have rented anything before you know that someone from the sales team talks you about a new contract, direct debits, credit checks, notice periods and finally it’s contract signing time. You can rent anything, so why not rent a website?

Here at Focused all day monthly rental websites overcomes high investment costs for those who want a new website. All website options and rentals are transparent and straightforward.

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Rent A Website UK

I will handle everything from managing your domain name, colour scheme, website build, website setup. You will be left with a professional website design which is mobile-friendly, great for potential clients experience. Your website rental also includes web hosting.

Your new responsive web design will include a contact form, links to your Facebook page and extra features. You can inform customers of payment information, take payments, further integrations and many other benefits. In other words, everything you need for both a personal website and a business website.

Why offer a website rental business? Monthly payments help small business owners tackle having to hand over large sums of money and deal with a capital expense. I noticed that small business owners could sometimes struggle with the upfront costs of even a basic website. The average price of web design costs varies, but you can have peace of mind that all website packages and websites service have no hidden costs.

The rental service is popular, for a low monthly payment plan you reduce any big outlay a web design team might present you with plus they might have expensive ongoing costs. The website maintenance fees in regards to updating plugins are all included in all website rental packages.

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Pay Monthly Rental Websites

This is an ideal solution for small and medium-sized business who want a smartphone responsive website. Your monthly rent includes website updates for your plugins (web apps) and regular security updates. This is the best way to get an affordable website and advertise your new service or show previous work to the worldwide market.

You will have the same site, made the same way, same build time, with the same features. All with the same high-quality website design as if you had paid outright! A perfect rental plan which leaves you with a responsive website design page. All this for a simple monthly charge. Your websites will l show your site title, site slogan and tell the world what makes you unique. You will be left with a personalised professional business website.

There are available websites for you to pick from, which is the fastest way to getting a new website. If you need something in particular and you cater to a small market, please contact about your specific web related requirement, for example, if you have a niche website requirements.

For the full period, you will receive ongoing support with no long term contracts. If you opt for the blogging feature, you can keep your website fresh, add new content, make your content updates.

I offer complete website support for the entire rental period, which, by the way, has no minimum contract period. All website rental fees include ongoing maintenance. This consists of a monthly backup.

There is no long lease term, and the first-month payment is to cover the work undertaken, and the billing cycle is on a monthly basis. For an affordable monthly fee, you can opt for a complex website. What do I mean by this? The monthly website rental service covers eCommerce websites so you can sell your products online.

Included in your low monthly fee are backend website controls and training videos (available for the whole term) to show you around your simple CMS system.

Rental Website Packages

So how much does a website cost per month? £20 – 75 per month.

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Rent a Website Prices and Packages

Please click a tab. The package details will display on the right on desktop and below on mobile .

  • 1-page website
  • Contact/enquiry form
  • Fully Responsive (works on mobile, tablet, desktop).
  • Social Media links to your existing social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).
  • The customer provides their own text, media or stock photos used.
  • WordPress Platform.
  • Revisions made live during a phone consultation.
  • everything in Bronze +
  • Includes a 404/ error page (great for user experience).
  • Up to 5 Pages (for example homepage, about us page, contact page, portfolio page, services page).
  • Everything in Silver +
  • Blog/ News Capabilities – Your website comes with a Content Management System (CMS) so you can write your own blog posts.
  • SEO Boost.
  • Pop-Ups & lead capturing/ subscribe form. A/B testing capabilities & dashboard to track analytics.
  • Paypal Button – receive a fixed amount. Very simple functionality, not an eCommerce shop, PayPal fees apply.
  • Installation of Hotjar, basic plan, or Microsoft Clarity (replay user sessions and explore heatmaps to make your website work better for your customers and your business).
  • Live Chat integration (message chat with site visitors via phone or PC).
  • Access to a library of training resources and bespoke training.
  • Everything in Gold +
  • Perfect for businesses who want to offer rental or booking services (Bike, Car, Hotel, Travel, Equipment, Apartment).
  • Businesses needing to offer appointments (hairdressers scheduling, doctors surgeries, spa appointment website, restaurant reservation).
  • A complex, dynamic website, but very user friendly. For those who need to quickly and easily list multiple items and need an advanced search (travel website, estate agent, car dealership).
  • Dynamic map listing – Present listings as clickable points on the map.
  • Forms – Integrate with your favourite marketing tools.
  • Not valid for websites that take payments. Please see eCommerce packages.