Pay Per Click (PPC) Services

Helping you manage your PPC campaign, so you can focus on what matters.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Get instant results from Pay Per Click marketing.

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Getting your business customers.

You will have more time for your core business.

Here to cover your online advertising. Offering flexible, transparent pricing.

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You can spend a lot less and still get great results.

Focused All Day handles the risk, while you, your team and your business reap the rewards from the service.

Why struggle to manage your advertising campaign when you can enjoy success.

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Get better results from your PPC campaigns.

Are you not getting a good return on investment? Outsource your PPC management.

A specialist is accessing the best strategies and tools in the industry on your behalf.

Pay Per Click Advertising for Small Businesses

Web Design – eCommerce – SEO

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Get more time.

Stop wasting your ads budgets on an online advertisement that doesn’t win!

Get in touch today and be shown how to make your Google Ads more effective!

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Marketing for the modern business.

PPC advertising doesn’t have to be complicated. Get your website, qualified, quality users and focus on conversion.

Let Focused All Day help you get the most out of your campaign.

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Don’t waste another minute on your PPC campaign.

Helping companies achieve their goals by providing them with a bespoke Google Ads strategy that is tailored to their needs

Get in touch today and see your business grow.

Web Design – eCommerce – SEO


  • Bronze One Page – £395
  • Silver Brochure Style – £525
  • Gold Advanced – £1,000
  • Bespoke Online Business Solution – From £2,500
  • Silver Simple Shop – £1,500
  • Gold Bigger Shop – £2,200
  • Advanced Enhanced – £3,500
  • Bespoke Business Solution From – £5,000
  • Website Hosting – £15 p/m
  • eCommerce Hosting – £30 p/m
  • Bronze Hosting and Maintenance – £79 p/m
  • Silver Hosting & Advanced Maintenance – £250 p/m
  • Gold Hosting, Maintenance and ‘Silver 50/50’ SEO package – £750 p/m
  • SEO Boost Laying the foundation – £250 one-off
  • Bronze DIY guided SEO – £195 p/m
  • Silver “50/50” – £550 p/m
  • Gold “Done for you” – £1,200 p/m

Focused All Day work for a fixed monthly fee based on the size of your budget, or on a pay-per-click basis, which will save you money in the long term.


What is PPC?

PPC is pay per click. Have you ever searched for something online, noticed the first results on Google right at the top? Have you questioned how they got there? Have you ever wondered how to advertise on Google? It’s likely your competitors use Google Adwords to increase their site traffic, leads and increase their sales.

Why hire a PPC specialist?

There is evidence showing PPC is a highly cost-effective way of advertising. Pay per click can boost traffic to your website. You can also use it to promote and increase your social media.
Ads can appear in search results, on sponsored shopping websites, or YouTube. Use it to re-market it to someone who has been on your website prompting them to return.

What does PPC Service consist of?

Learn about your business and research your target audience. Analyse successful campaigns of your competitors. Place your ads on Google search so you can advertise your services or sell your products on Google. Run your ads on Facebook. Find the best platform, optimise your campaigns, build awareness, generate leads.