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Why e-commerce?

Sell online

Do you buy products online? Does your competitor sell their products online? Have you ever thought about the benefits an eCommerce shop could bring?

Physical shops are great, but you’re relying on footfall, a passer-by. If not a customer has to spend time travelling to your shop. 

e-commerce helps consumers

Even if you are running a shop, it could be on the high street or market stall, or you’re just starting an eCommerce online business can have benefits to your customers.

An online shop means you can overcome geographical limitations, gain new customers, operate at a lower cost, customers can locate the product quicker, 

Some features of our eCommerce

Your website will look great, even on mobile and tablet screens

SEO best practices will be kept in mind when we develop your website

A well-crafted navigation menu make your products very easy for the customer to find

A factor of SEO and one of the solutions to having your website rank higher in the search engine results page (SERP) is a fast loading website. 

I have the solution!

I help those wanting to sell online connect with consumers BY BUILDING robust online shops

Online Shopping Statistics

Consumers shopping on mobile than in-store
Online buyers shop at least monthly
Global internet users purchased fashion
e-Commerce share of total global retail sales

Why Choose Me?

Experience and knowledge in developing eCommerce websites to both attract potential customers and keep them engaged.

How I differ?

The eCommerce shop I build will provide excellent user experience and present your products in the best light.

Get more sales

Fast checkout

Fast buying procedure and the ability to sell around the world

Sell 24/7

No time restrictions

Consumers will be able to buy your products every hour of the day every day of the year

Products visible  

Showcase your products 

I make sure if you have a product it is visible to all on your website

Choose my e-Commerce Website Workflow

Lets me increase your sales conversion upsell checkout success checkout qty

seo focused all day


At first, it is essential to learn about you, your business, your brand, your objectives/ requirements, what you like, and what you do not.


Web Design

Create mock-up prototypes and wireframe of what your store will look like and share them with you—an excellent opportunity to gain your input.

seo audit focused all day


After you approve the layout, I will commence eCommerce web development to a high standard. Your online store will be robust, user friendly, functional and SEO-friendly.

Mail icon focused all day


I reserve time to deliver training so you can get the most out of your eCommerce website.

Phoneicon focused all day


After all the modifications to your website are complete, a test will be carried out on various devices to assure it works as intended.

chat window focused all day


Always here, always happy to help.

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all UK retail will occur online
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people worldwide purchase goods online
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of eCommerce will take place on a mobile

How much does an e-commerce website cost?

Transparency is essential, to us and so I decided to show you our eCommerce development services list and prices of three different tiers. As a WooCommerce Developer I use WordPress for all the website development can differ in many ways: do you want a shop, an online shop other pages such as a homepage, about us, blog.  Hopefully, the below price lists helps guide you and if you are unsure what you need, please do not hesitate in contacting us. 

Ecommerce Website development Prices

If you are wondering how much is the average cost of an eCommerce website development for small business is and opening your online store. I have answered this by supplying the prices to help you gain an idea of how much our web development costs are. Every project is unique, so please contact us about your project so I can give a more accurate quote.

I work with small businesses all across the United Kingdom selling digital products, buying and selling, online retailers with a different business model selling products or services but either way all focused on providing a great customer experience. The best eCommerce sites are the simplest which allow the customer to get started by simply entering an email address and their credit card at checkout.

How much does ecommerce web development cost?

 Please look at our ballpark pricing I use WooCommerce as our standard eCommerce platform, and if you have any questions, please give us a call on 07582598282 (or click the number)

Digital Marketing only for those serious about success

You must

  • Be willing to put in some groundwork
  • Have a professional work ethic
  • Be willing to learn!
freelance web designer portrait of simon womersley

Ask Me Anything

If you have something in mind, please say, but we prefer to use WooCommerce.

eCommerce websites tend to be very large. You need to get the structure and navigation right from the beginning for both the user and search engines.

We can offer a low price, but high-quality products because our overheads are low. We don’t outsource our services; it’s all done in house. Meaning we do not need to factor in any additional costs.

Please do not hesitate to ring us on 07582598282

It’s essential the consumer quickly finds your products. Excellent navigation implemented into all websites.

We can create your website and add the products to it. Depending on the package we can give you access so you can add an unlimited amount of products.

It is creating your online store, so it’s functional and works well on a broader range of devices.

York, North Yorkshire but we develop websites for all of the UK.

Digital Marketing only for those serious about success

You must

  • Be willing to put in some groundwork
  • Have a professional work ethic
  • Be willing to learn!
freelance web designer portrait of simon womersley

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