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Places to Eat In York

Want to know which are the best independent places to eat in York? The following is from the larger best businesses in York list, I’ve handpicked the very best places to eat in York.

Blue Bird Bakery

places to eat york blue bird bakery homepage
  • Location: 2 Little, Shambles, York YO1 7LY
  • What’s nearby: York Shambles
  • Sells: bakery, tea cakes, bread
  • What they say: “brilliant bakers and bread buffs”
  • Type of website: eCommerce
  • Digital Marketing review: websites uses bold, bright colours to help communicate what they do.

Love Cheese

places to eat york love cheese homepage
  • Location: 16 Gillygate, York YO31 7EQ
  • What’s nearby: York Art Gallery
  • Sells: Cheese
  • What they say: “Light-filled bistro.”
  • Type of website: eCommerce
  • Digital Marketing review: host regular events an promote them well.

That Fudge Guy

places to eat york that fudge guy homepage
  • Location: 57 Broome Cl, Huntington, York YO32 9RH
  • What’s nearby: Huntington
  • Sells: Fudge
  • What they say: “hand made, artisan confectioner”
  • Type of website: advertises products
  • Digital Marketing review: very basic website which would benefit from being re-done and their web design re-worked.

York Coco House

places to eat york york cocoa works homepage
  • Location: 10 Castlegate, York YO1 9RN
  • What’s nearby: St Mary’s Church
  • Sells: chocolate
  • What they say: “Chocolate-based cooking and drinks from breakfast to afternoon tea”
  • Type of website: eCommerce
  • Digital Marketing review: using a wide range of social media platforms which is great for their social media marketing.

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