Online Presence – what is one and why you need it

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Why you need an Online Presence

Digital marketing strategy for new business is vital to set yourself up for success. A recent customer needing help inspired this blog and video as they were not getting any traffic to their eCommerce shop and needed help with their online marketing. 

What is an Online Presence 

An online presence is more than having a website. It’s all about establishing your online territory. Creating social networks, online listings, paid search and organic search. 

Create an online marketing presence

When I checked my client’s website, there were some improvements to be made. They weren’t getting enough hits on their Shopify website, and they said well why don’t I move it to Wix or can you move it to WooCommerce on Magento or BigCommerce. The primary low hanging fruit, the easy wins to get them more business was outside of their website. It was looking at their whole, entire online presence and reviewing that. 

Building an Online Presence 

My client had built their online store before contacting me. Their first line of thought was to move and transfer platform. If you are thinking about transferring/ moving: Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce Magento, BigCommerce thinking this will help you grow your business online, it takes more than a change of eCommerce platform to bring in business. In this blog and the video below, I offer marketing tips for an online store; the topics are: 

  • Digital marketing strategy for a new business
  • Online Presence 
  • How to create a digital marketing plan 
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) 
  • Search Engine Marketing – SEM vs PPC 
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 
  • On-Page Optimisation example 
  • What is Off-Page Optimisation backlinks and why backlinks help 
  • Reviews and the importance of them for SEO 
  • Local business listings and directories and how it allows SEO 
  • Social Media Marketing and the benefits 
  • Email Marketing and the benefits 
  • See the positive impact on your sales 

Online Presence Check

To first create a digital marketing plan, you need to audit yourself and say:

  • What are you currently doing? 
  • What do you need help with?
  • What do you ideally want to be doing

Once you know this, you can break these activities down by paid and free? It is essential to have an online presence for a business.

Create a digital marketing plan 

I told my client, yes there could be some technical aspects which will benefit your website, but truthfully there are 2 billion websites out there, four hundred million are active. If I move your website from one platform to another sure it might speed it up, and it might have a better structure but how are you standing out against those hundreds and hundreds of millions of other websites? To stand out, you have to create an online marketing presence.

Paid online presence – PPC

Paid you’ve got pay per click this is every time someone sees your advert in the search engines and click on it you get charged, and it doesn’t need to be at the top of the search engines you can embed these adverts into display ads, and the ads can be text video images. I’m sure you’ve seen this.

Paid online presence – SEM

Now there’s something called SEM similar to PPC. It stands for ‘search engine marketing’.

SEM vs PCC – definition 

SEM is a term describing paid advertising. Not all platforms bill you when your advert has been clicked on by the user. Some, for example, charge for x amount of impressions. You can see how being charged on views (impressions) doesn’t fit with the PPC definition. This void is when I would use the SEM term. 

SEM VS PPC – example 

The difference between SEM and PPC is SEM is more of an umbrella term. If you take the analogy of back in the day, you had a Nokia brick phone, and all you did with it was ring people. 

Then maybe a decade and a half later you’ve now got a smartphone and ringing people is still needed but you do other things within that smartphone. You might watch YouTube, or you play games on it. 

Pay-per-click is still really important, don’t get me wrong, but some platforms mean you’re paying for impressions. 

So when I run a Facebook ad I’m just saying to Facebook I’ll pay you if you show my advert to let’s say, 1000 people. I don’t need them to click the ad as long as it’s within that newsfeed I’m getting brand awareness. Whereas when I pay for Google ads every time someone clicks it, I get charged a few pounds which you know can amount to a lot of money.

Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

SEO is free, organic search and breaks down to a few different ways:

On-Page Optimisation example

On-page SEO example, imagine if you had an artificial flowers company and you set up a website. You were writing ‘check out my product it will make your wedding amazing’, but you didn’t say what your product was. Now that would be a mistake. You would have to start your sentence with ‘artificial flowers roses would make your wedding amazing’ so you’re getting in your keywords and longtail keywords and that’s what will push you up higher in the search engines and get you, new customers.

Off-Page Optimisation – backlinks example

Off-page SEO, again free, can help so a good analogy here would be when it comes to backlinks. If you go for a job, they’re going to say well

we don’t know who you are we’re going to have to ring for references. Google and other search engines don’t know who and what your website is and so they need to seek recommendations. 

Every time a site has written a blog, and they link how to use it; they put a hyperlink ‘hey check out this website for more information’ that’s a backlink. 

Linking to another site is your way of vouching for another website. The more backlinks you get search engines to feel like you’re more of a trusted website. 

How does Gaining a Review help your online presence  

Reviews are essential to get and respond straight away. Its social proof which will help convert people and also it shows search engines you’re active.

They are essential.

  1. It’s sound social proof and helps prove you at least do what you say you do on your website, and you have someone else who can vouch for you.
  2. Search engines use these ratings, which can boost your SEO, especially your local SEO
  3. It’s excellent for morale; the feedback helps you know what you’re doing is of value. ?

To expand on what I said in the video about the importance of gaining reviews and making sure it’s part of your digital marketing strategy:

  1. Quality of reviews (ideally you will gather a wide variety of reviews. People are reviewing all your services).
  2. Detailed reviews and five high ratings.
  3. The more reviews on different platforms, the better, but Google My Business (GMB) is an excellent place to start.
  4. Quantity (how many in total) and velocity (best to have them coming in regularly).

Business Listings and Business directories 

Business the listings are essential If you take Yell and other directories have reliable domain authorities. If you google ‘plumber in York’ you’re not going to find the actual plumbers website. You’re just going to find listings and directories. If your online presence does not include business listing, and you’re not in there, you will miss them out.

Social media Marketing (SMM)

A big trick is social media, and it shouldn’t be left out. Twitter, Facebook even tick-tock (depending on your target audience, customer profile and what you sell). If you build a following, let’s say you were selling t-shirts, and you sent it to a customer, and they opened it up, and they wore it, and they took a photo, a selfie. 

If they then put that up on their social network, your Facebook, they become a brand ambassador. They promote your product to their group of friends to their network, and they’re encouraging other people hey this is what it looks like in real life. 

It’s great to be apart of, so if you’re missing out on social, which a lot of people still do, they might have sent one tweet, and it didn’t go well, and stopped, they let it just need to get back into it.

Email Marketing

Email marketing there’s a bit of stigma like ‘oh it’s just junk, it’s just spam’ but if you get someone to consent and that’s important to emails marketing. You offer them coupons if you think if you got an email with 50% off during a sale you’re more likely to click through to the website. It’s an old tactic, but it does work. 

Content Marketing

Content doesn’t need to be about blogs; it can be infographics, sales videos, viral videos, photos.

I’ve got blogs on all the subjects covered here but in more depth. Everything I’ve said in much more detail and I do guarantee if you were to sit down and follow those steps about social media and SEO and email marketing you really will see a positive impact on your sales.

I hope I provide you with tips to grow your online business, and this helps to inform you how to get more hits on your website. 

My marketing strategy planning process starts with auditing what you are currently doing. If you need help with your online presence management, please let me know, I’m a freelance digital marketer and love this line of work. 

I hope this helps! I would suggest you adopt these into your online presence. Please tell me if you used these free digital marketing strategies, and in the comments, please say which one you need the most help with and why.