Off the shelf websites – which one will you pick?

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Off the shelf websites, are pre-made websites that only need a bit of customisation before they go live. There are plenty of benefits from time and cost. You can buy anything pre-made these days but what if I told you that websites can be off the shelf and ready to go. There are many benefits of an off the shelf website some being no design worries, endless back and forth questions, just pick which pre-made website you love and you can have it.

What is an off the shelf website?

A ready to go, out of the box website which is sold as pre-made. An off the shelf website has been professionally wireframed, designed, coded and tested before being advertised for sale. It is a turnkey solution. Simply pick the one you like, and import the template and customise it further to your needs.

Why does it need customising isn’t it pre-made? A lot of pre-made templates either have pictures missing or fake placeholder text. Simply replace the fake text and input your words, images, branding and links to your social media profile. If you opt for blogging capabilities it brings WordPress alive. Now your cheap website can be used to tell your story and give you the freedom to blog.

Why use off the shelf websites?

The idea of designing a website can make people feel worried and nervous. How will it look and how will it all work when it’s finished? The 6 benefits and advantages of using a ready-made website are:

What are the advantages of off the shelf websites?

Affordable – The design is already wireframed, designed and built. This is a plug and play scenario. The designer has already picked which premium theme they are going to use, and they can invoice accurately opposed to estimating a high price in case the job requires a bespoke theme.
Faster – Already having the website designed and client approval before the website build reduces time. This out of the box way of working is a faster setup which ultimately saves the client money as fewer work hours are needed. Keeping towards a template can be faster to complete a project as installing a theme takes minutes.
Ease – there will be no headaches, no stress or unwanted questions from a designer. Just straight forward, pick which one and pay.
Inspiration – if you are unable to communicate what you want from a web designer, you can let the templates guide you. Simple as that!
No surprises – you like the template build before the web developer has touched it. It can only get better with your logo, branding and text inserted.
No coding – off the shelf website are free from needing you to code every line and learn the latest programming language. It’s already made!

Question is:

Which off the shelf website will you pick?

Best off the shelf websites

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Off the shelf websites - which one will you pick?

The best ready-made websites are those where they have been optimised to convert customers. This way the template just needs various text and images swapping over and it should be good to turn heads.

Each website builder will have their own different ready made websites but the question is who will be your website builder. You will have to spend time figuring out which website builder is the best: Wix, Shopify, Go Daddy, Squarespace? Then depending on how much you pay there could be extra options such as pay to remove their large banner from the top of your website.

The best part?

Focused All Day makes your life simple! Pick a website you love, get it customised, full transparency and no worries.

Off the shelf eCommerce websites

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Off the shelf websites - which one will you pick?

It is possible to get off the shelf eCommerce websites but which are the best off the shelf ecommerce websites? In my opinion, it’s one where it looks great, requires little upfront work and equally is easy to manage in the long run. More work is needed as with any online store. There are more product pictures and text which needs to be uploaded and written.


As it’s already designed and by that I mean I know where the navigation bar should be located, it’s determined by which template you pick. It could be at the top, side of the webpage or maybe it might swing-out. I already know if the website should start with a full-screen hero image, then go into featured products, then copy about why your product is unique. It is already laid out in a good pattern, and best of all you would have picked it and bought into the design before the customisation began.

Best off the shelf eCommerce websites

The best eCommerce website is one where all the buttons, add to cart have been tested prior to being classed as a template. This means once in the backend if the web developer changes the products with the customer’s items it should work. As a WooCommerce developer, I use WooCommerce and WordPress to build all online stores.

Off the shelf website packages

If you like the idea of getting an off the shelf website and having it all done for you at a very low cost, please view the prices of ready made websites. These websites grow with your business and you can add more posts when you are ready to blog. If you prefer to pay monthly scheme please check out the rent a website service.

It gets better:

There are 3 off the shelf websites packages starting from £250 so now you know what is an off the shelf website you’ll be glad to hear you can get the one you want today! Oh, I also use a premium theme meaning your website will be fast. Contact today

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