New Website Launch Announcement Example

Launching a new website can be a very stressful time, especially if you haven’t done it before. But with the right planning and some common sense, you can alleviate some of that stress and ensure that your beautiful new web design goes live smoothly. Here is my top advice on how to launch your new website successfully.

How do you announce a new website launch?

Make sure you conduct market research to understand who your potential customer will be.

Once you know who your customer is complete a customer profile/ customer avatar exercise. This will help you find out who your customer is and what they like to do.

Take this information and use an audience research tool such as Spark Toro to understand what platforms and network your customer belongs to and how that is the same as your target demographic

From the information from Spark Toro now conduct competitor research. See how others in your niche provide a good customer experience. Do they have a sale coming up? Match the sale and launch your website before your competitor’s big sale.

store, prices, rabat
Offer special prices to those who followed you on social media prior to launching.

How do I promote my website before launching?

So now you know about the big upcoming sale how do you tell people about it before you have your website? People! Use influential people in your niche.

Celebrities would be great but actually, the average person might have a lot of followers. Plus their service will be a lot more affordable and a smaller personal brand people will trust them more. Tap in their network when they share your website in their social media posts.

Finding these people can be a tedious task, thankfully here are some websites you can use to find influencers in your niche

AspireiqHype Auditor
Post Forrent
   These sites might help you find influencers to help announce your blog launch. 


How do use social media marketing to announce my new website?

Social media marketing makes big difference in getting the word out there!

If you have a large marketing budget I would run paid ads on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Start advertising before it’s even available. Offer a discount to anyone who follows you on social media only valid on the day your online store opens. Rewarding these followers with special offers will create loyal customers. 

Other marketing strategies do not require money. For example, Tweet Deck, allows you to tweet, follow and monitor accounts from one place. You can be in control of your Twitter marketing from one place!

You don’t need to be a marketing expert to simply post a status on your own personal Facebook page. I get asked, how do I announce a new business on my network? Simply if you have a LinkedIn page, don’t be scared. That’s the point of it. It’s to network and tells people business-related news.

As every digital marketer will rightfully say, user-generated content converts. Get the people who buy your products to post using their product with a hashtag. Embedded those posts or share them to spread the word of your new brand ambassadors. 

What is the best time and day of the week to launch a website?

It’s whenever your potential customer is online. You can use powerful third-party tools where they can tell you when your target audience is online. This sometimes requires you to post new content via social media for them to give you engagement stats.

Don’t assume everyone will visit your site on the first day you launch. If you’re after getting lots of traffic this will take time. You need to focus on small sections and think about how do you get traffic on day one.

In addition to the other points don’t neglect links. If someone has a website that gets lots of traffic ask if they can send people your way by adding a link to your blog. Make sure the link works and is not a broken link. Once you get people to that specific page carry out internal link building so people have the opportunity to click on other articles as opposed to just leaving. 

What is a soft launch of a website?

Make sure your site is ready for launch before you put it live! How do you do this? Leak it. Tell people on your network. I hear people saying but that’s a full-scale launch, isn’t it? Simple no. If your friends and family are the only people you plan to sell to your business will never grow. 

When creating a launch plan build in time for informing close people of yours to check it out. Pro tip – stay on top of customer feedback and questions after the launch. Make sure you update your website ready for the real launch to improve on the current user experience and refer to this web design guide if you need to know how it can be improved. 

If people are reluctant to tell you the real feelings use an analytics tool to track how your site is performing. What pages did they spend the longest on, what pages do they simply not click on and what pages did they exit and leave. Go back to your web designer (who you should see as part of your launch team) and improve these. 

A soft launch can also build up exclusivity. Only a limited amount of people can see your new website. Those who missed out, at least have heard of your website. You are creating buzz for launch

How do you announce a website redesign?

A website redesign launch is slightly different from a brand new website. I’ve worked on re-designs whereafter it did feel like a new website but the only difference is the client who needed a redesign had existing readers and customers. Simply contact your email subscribers

How do you announce a new website via email?

For that reason, if you are doing a website redesign announce it by utilising your email list. If people are still visiting your website while it’s being redesigned publish a ‘coming soon’ or ‘under maintenance page. Make sure you add an email signup form to collect email addresses so you can notify people when it’s complete. 

To ensure your existing subscribers and current email list goes well work on a good email headline. Increasing email performance starts with getting people to successfully open it. 

How do I launch my website on Google?

Other ways you can announce your new website is funnily enough on other peoples websites. Have you ever seen round-up posts or an expert round-up post? Where experts in that field submit their views on a particular topic. Well, become the expert. If they already have 6 opinions make it 7.

If these blog posts (business or personal blog) do not exist on websites that can help build announce your website guest post. Carry out guest posting by writing a completely new, compelling article and make sure it links to your new website.

These websites likely have an online presence and search engines have indexed their site and crawl them. Getting linked from these will help search engines find yours.

How do you announce a launch?

  • Done
  • complete
  • check out our new website
  • published

If you saw those words on social media or embedded them within a piece of content did they announce the launch, kind of but did that content strategy make you want to click, no. Make sure whatever platform or content strategy plan you use to focus on amazing content. 

If you’re investing time into premium content such as an ultimate resource, how-to content, make it shareable. Allowing people to participate in sharing content is free advertisement. Pro Tip – make sure your website not only share icons that people recognise and are happy to use.

Marketing and further promotion ideas?

Don’t rely on only one method of promotion. Here are some actionable tips on website promotion. The key is to spread the word and this can be achieved by a new website launch press release. An outline of one would be:

  1. Catchy Headline.
  2. Intro to you and your business.
  3. How you solve your customer’s pain point.
  4.  Your unique selling point.
  5. Contact Details.

This is all very much after its life and spreading the word. If you’re wondering what to do before launching a new website the answer is to test it and find errors and fix them. Don’t wait until the last minute to test your website. A pre-launch checklist ensures your website launch is a success.

I hope that helps answer how do you introduce a website. If you have any questions I’m more than happy to help.