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How to publish a blog post in WordPress

How to post a blog in WordPress if this is something you have wondered how to do, this video is for you. I cover every aspect in a straightforward way showing you how to publish a blog post in WordPress.

I cover how to add a blog post in WordPress, best method on how to write a blog post on WordPress, how to add text directly into the WordPress Gutenberg page, how to add an image, how to set a featured image, how to add categories and tags, how to preview the post, how to change the URL and how to post a blog in WordPress.

How to Post a blog in WordPress – as a video

How to post a blog in WordPress – video

Please note at 5:25 – press preview and do not publish to check your post.

I then offer advice on how to edit the post within the Gutenberg block editor and with the above advice you will be able to understand how to publish a blog post on WordPress and I include tips along the way. This video will help how to add a blog to WordPress website.

Topics included in this post are:

  • Login covered briefly
  • Add new post and copy in material via Google Doc
  • Editing blog post in WordPress Gutenberg directly
  • Upload an image into the Gutenberg WordPress platform
  • WordPress Gutenberg settings. How to fill out the post settings within the document tab
  • Categories, how to add a new category for WordPress, how to add a category within your post and why
  • Tags, why and how to add a new tag and how to add multiple tags and best practices
  • Featured image how to set featured image in WordPress post, how to upload a file and add Alt text
  • Excerpt how to write an excerpt (optional) and why
  • press preview and not publish and check your post
  • URL Slug, the last part of the URL, how to change it, a tip, what to change it to, examples and why
  • Publish your WordPress blog and view post
  • How to edit your WordPress blog and add more information and how to update it using the WordPress Gutenberg block editor.
  • Trash a WordPress blog post and my recommendations why and when not to

How to add a blog in WordPress – step by step:


First up on your website login into your username and password if you need more help with this I’ve got another tutorial on how to login on WordPress admin.

How to Post a blog in WordPress

cms, wordpress, content management system

Hover over posts and click add new add your title and the content of your
work so a method I like to do is to go into Google Doc you can open up a Microsoft word document or text file and just start writing in here.
I just find it easy and I’ll show you why coming up. Once written simply format it by double-clicking making the header of the post an H1 as it’s the title and any others an H2 or H3.

Copying over your text into WordPress

It’s important to take across the header first so highlight it ctrl C go into
your blog ctrl V another way would be just select all your text right-click on your mouse copy open up the tab and paste it in that’s how simple it is to write a blog WordPress.

How to write a blog post on WordPress

You could have just done it in WordPress, to begin with, or you could do it afterwards.

Adding an Image

If you want an image in between these you just press add block go to gallery or image I’m going to go to the image as I just want one. As I haven’t uploaded it yet it won’t be in my media library. I’m gonna upload it and I’m gonna click the image I want and in between here, I want another image so I just do the same thing.

WordPress Post Settings

I go on this right-hand side I click the document and I just start filling in what it says.

Category, if you think about it like this you could have several hundred blocks and they’ll all belong to only a few categories
so this website in the example is about pet care so there’ll be a category about pet grooming, pet services, pet welfare. The blog is dog grooming so I would create a category add a new category and our type in grooming and I would just press enter.

Sub Categories

Let’s say you have 500 blogs and 250 of those were for dog grooming and 250 were actually for horse grooming you can have a subcategory and to do that you would set dog grooming as a category and the parent category is grooming.


Tags are optional and help search engines and help users. In this example, I would add dog grooming you can have more tags and you have categories but I suggest you keep your tag relatively low and you try to reuse them. That way in your blog page you can call upon certain tags and homemade query and display certain tags.

Featured image

To set the featured image upload files, select files. It’s a good practice just to add in a bit of Alt text, title, caption, description.


Excerpt in WordPress is just a summary it’s the bit where underneath the featured image within the ‘related blog’ section it displays 1-2 sentences of what the blog is about.


Change your permalink URL slug so the URL slug will be your domain forward slash contact us, forward slash services, so on a blog like this will be wanting it to read /dog grooming and it’s really good to get your keyword at the start of the URL and keep that URL relatively short. Press publish your post and that is how to publish a blog on WordPress.

Edit Your Blog

cms, wordpress, content management system

Let’s say in six months because you’ve realized well actually I’ve got more information I want to share or I’ve learnt a little bit there’s a tip about what is SEO and I want to apply to my blog so go back to your WordPress dashboard instead of pressing ‘add new’ this time press ‘all post’ locate the post you want and press edit and then you can make any change you like and then press update and you’re done.

Trash or deleting a post

A pro tip would be if you’ve made a mistake and you didn’t want that title I would highly recommend you edit the post opposed to trashing it or deleting it and the reason why is that Google’s index your blog so by that I mean if Google has stored your website your web page in their database and you delete it it’s just going to create a broken link.

You can see evidence of this for example if a grooming shop down the road (as a dog grooming member) like your blog and say I’m going to link to it and then you delete your blog; when the users of the grooming shop click on that link it’s just going to go to an error page and that grooming shop the owner is going to say well I don’t want to send my users to a broken page and as a result, the shop will link out to your competitor. So instead of trashing it and deleting your blog post think about what you could have done differently and think about redirecting.

If you have any questions please say. I respond to all comments promptly. Please say what you learnt from this and what you blogged about?


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