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How to login on WordPress admin

How to login on WordPress admin? Simply add forward slash / admin to your URL.

WordPress how to login

I explain further below in text and a step by step video

How to login on WordPress admin video

Logging into your WordPress website is vital to update and maintain it. As a beginner to the WordPress platform, it can be challenging to know precisely how to find the admin dashboard and how to login to the WordPress backend. If you have asked ‘how do I login to my WordPress website?’ this blog and video above are for you. I show you in a straightforward, easy, straight to the point method of how to locate and how to login to WordPress, where to enter your username and password to enter WordPress and access the admin page.

WordPress admin Dashboard

Enter login after your URL

Open up your internet browser in the URL address bar at the top type in your website address and go on to your website while on your website double-click the address bar and on your keyboard press forward slash and then type in “login” one word and then press ‘Enter’.

Enter Username and Password

Enter your username and password which should have been supplied to you by your web designer and then press login. You will now have access to your WordPress dashboard.

How to login website admin

It’s as simple as that go to your website forward-slash (/) login. There are other ways to log in. Press ‘WP admin’, or you could have type in ‘admin’.

WordPress admin page

If you have any questions or need any help to find or to log into your WordPress admin panel, please say. I read and respond to all comments. A pro tip is when you log in you can tick the checkbox allowing WordPress to remember your login details saving you time when you next need to access your WordPress dashboard in 2020.

How did you get along? Did this blog and video help you? What did you first do when you logged on? What other WordPress issues are you faced with which you need help? What else would you like me to do a tutorial on next?


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