Google My Business: How To Improve Your Local SEO Catapult To #1

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Google My Business is a game-changer for companies and has helped my clients who hire my SEO Services gain new customers and improve local visibility in the SERPs.

What is Google My Business?

Google my business is a free tool that Google created for companies, both small and large, to manage their Google listings. Anytime someone searches for your industry in your location, you stand a chance of appearing in the search results and the map results.

What is Google my business in SEO?

So now we know what Google my business is what is SEO how do you combine the two to increase your search engine position and get more organic traffic? It’s simple – you have to be in it to win it. By having your information in more places and by posting regularly on the platform, you’re going to be in front of more people.

Is Google my business worth the effort for local SEO?

Google my business is without a doubt worth the effort I can’t stress any more if you’re not part of it you’re just letting your local competition steal your potential customers. SEO and even just marketing, in general, it’s essential to always be in front of your customers. Back in the day if they open up the telephone book, you want to be in there, if they open a newspaper you want to be in there and if they go online its the same.

How to do SEO for a local business?

Take the businesses information and add it to Google My Business. Your able to say what service areas you cover, what days you’re open and what and time of day you are available. You can add your phone number, your Twitter address, your website address if you’ve got a specific appointments URL you can add that and if you sell any products you can add it to into Google and if you sell any services you can offer it.

How to improve my local SEO?

Google My Business provides you with new analytics. You can get insights to see how many customers found your listing by searching your business name, location or how many people discovered you indirectly. You can even see what search queries people used to find you. Now that’s good, free keyword research!

It’s just great to be able to gather this information you can see the queries used to find your business. The analytics pack also allows you to see who visited your website and who rang you.

How effective is Google my business for SEO?

A large part of off-page SEO is working on your online presence outside of your website so working on building up your name in forums, social networking and gathering testimonials. Reviews to Google my business does precisely that once you’ve created your listing you can invite customers (old and new). They can add a review, and you can answer at the same offering more information about your business to help others.

Is Google My Business Free?

Google, my business is free. As long as you’ve got access to the internet, you can create a Google my business listing you fill in your information which you know off by heart (business name, phone number, address) you get a letter for free with a verification code. Then you type in your code into Google to verify the address is correct. You don’t need to pay a penny to create an account.

How do I set up Google My Business for Local SEO?

Now we know it’s free, you can do it on Google website. Create google my business page by filling in your details your business name your phone number your business address and some more information, and they’ll send you a letter to verify your address.

Does google my business help SEO?

Yes – SEO can be broken down by technical SEO, on-page SEO and off-page SEO. GMB focuses on the latter by helping you state your location details, respond to customer reviews and post as if it were a social networking platform.

Does Google my business posts help SEO?

In my personal experience, I would say, without a doubt, Google my business posts help SEO. They help your online presence it’s yet again another platform another method to get your name your business name and your message out there. You should see it as another social media platform, Facebook, Twitter more professional though like LinkedIn.

Actionable advice when posting on Google My Business:

When you post on Google my business make sure you:

  • Use an attractive image to illustrate your message. Only one photo and no GIF is allowed.
  • Talk directly to your customers by using a conversational tone.
  • A call to action button prompts customers to act immediately. You can choose from book, order online, buy, learn more, sign up and call now.
  • Google My Business will email you after your post is live with how many times it has been viewed. It’s advisable to take note of this and improve.

How to post an article in Google My Business?

Excludes the time taken to write the post 1 minute

  1. Open your web browser.

    Go to Google.

  2. Click on the hamburger symbol next to your profile picture.

    Sign in first.

  3. Open the apps menu.

    Should be on the 7th row down.

  4. Please scroll down to ‘My business’ and select it. 

    The icon is the blue building with a G in the bottom right.

  5. If you’ve got multiple websites, choose the one you need. 

    If you haven’t, this step is not needed.

  6. From the left-hand menu, select post.

    It’s in the 2nd row.

  7. Click on the blue circle.

    It’s close to the bottom right-hand corner.

  8. Update your status

    That’s how you create your post – it’s optional if you want to add a call to Action such as do you want them to buy or call you. 

  9. Publish

    You can preview it before publishing.

How to use Google my business boost growth?

To fully optimise your Google my business listing you should without a doubt make sure you spend time making your name address and phone number the same as it reads on your website and other directories. Doing this should be part of your local SEO citations management.

How to rank well on Google business pages lists?

Make sure you post regularly put some photos up every so often to keep it active.

How to get 1st ranking position in Google my business?

Most importantly respond to people who leave reviews you’re more likely to review a company if you can see the owner gets back to the comment and build up a community of trust.

Google my business reviews

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Google My Business: How To Improve Your Local SEO Catapult To #1

If you were planning on hiring someone and you Googled them. If one company in the search engines had 5 Stars 30 reviews and one had 0 reviews, 0 stars and which one would you pick? Search engines want to provide the best user experience so they naturally will present the user with the company with the most positive reviews. There’s more which influences the local SEO rankings algorithm but collecting and responding to reviews helps. When you receive a review, Google will email you.

If you are struggling to gain the number one spot in the local map pack it is possible to pay Google for an advertisement spot. The question SEO vs PPC needs to be asked eventually for a full digital marketing strategy.