Google my business suspended for quality issues: How to Fix

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Has your Google My Business been suspended? This article is purely to help those with google my business suspension issues.

You probably found this out by your listings being suspended by noticing you have a lack of visibility in your local area, decrease in phone calls, you got a message from Google, or maybe you logged in to your GMB dashboard and saw the notice there?

The best thing is not to panic. I offer this as part of my SEO services and have experience in resolving. Hopefully, by following these steps, you will know what type of Google suspension there are and which one you have, hopefully, a soft suspension!  

What is Google My Business Suspension? 

One of the biggest things I see causing suspensions right now is updating their Google My Business listing. Maybe you have an address you want people to find via Google Maps, or you are a Service-Area Business (SAB) and don’t display your address.

All though different, these types of business owners have shared reasons why they have experienced google my business suspension issues. Both had zero issues updating descriptions historically, but now they run into problems when they change their address. When you have a suspended account, it means you broke the guidelines, and directly you cannot change your phone number or address.

The process and reinstatement form can be long, but it’s worthwhile. Otherwise, it can be a pain in the neck redoing citations and going through the rigmarole of collecting reviews. 

Types of GMB Suspensions?

The following are the different types of suspensions:

Soft Suspension 

You’re still on Google maps, but a soft suspension means you cannot edit your profile. You will need to verify your details again, and ben reinstated. 

Hard Suspension 

All gone, seriously this type of suspension hides your entire listing! Your GMB, posts, photos have all been wiped and are not showing. You need to either ask yourself or request from Google what you have done to cause this. Did a user search for your niche and debated your presence in that sector and flagged it?

Why is my google business account suspended?

It is essential to determine why it was suspended and what caused the account issues. It boils down to (and every understandable) Google wants their users to get consistent high-quality search results, something we all appreciate it. Common Reasons are: 

  1. Fake Business Listings: Only register legitimate Businesses. Don’t do anything like creating 40000 black-hat, counterfeit, fake listings. It’s clear to a human and especially to A.I. that you don’t have this many business premises. Be truthful when creating your account.
  2. Duplicate Listings – multiple verified listings. If your company is one shop, it should not have multiple locations with various listings. 
  3. Spammy Business Names – Don’t spam the profile with a keyword stuffing. You might have seen others do this and use inaccurate business names, but you should avoid it! If you see others doing it and Google themselves do not notice you can ‘report’ spammy accounts and their account will be flagged.
  4. Avoid using a P.O. Box – use your actual business address.
  5. Content: Make sure the posts your put out there do not break Google My Business Guidelines. Make sure they are not offensive and cause damage to anyone. 
  6. Pick the correct category – just because one type might have more search traffic than yours, doesn’t mean it’s right to opt for it. Yes, there’s a chance you will get more presence in search, more traffic might increase your domain authority and help you rank for extra keywords. However, only pick a type that represents your company.
  7. Suspicious Activity – The same applies if you heard someone saying your niche is a high-risk business category and that puts you off from selecting it. It doesn’t matter. Pick what represents you best. Please don’t pick a category and keep changing it.
  8. Manipulating the reviews – asking friends to create a Google account and pose as customers. Whilst doing so leave a keyword-rich review is a bad idea!

Why is my Google Business Listing Suspended?

A new algorithm change could have picked up the above or maybe you received a manual suspension. This is when a Google employee has decided themselves you should not be on Google maps due to various violations to their terms of service. 

Your location might have been suspended due to quality reasons. To unsuspend it, post relevant information and keep your information is accurate as possible. Tip – keep your name, address and phone number the same as it is on other online business directories. 

How to fix suspended Google my business?

Before you apply to have your business profiles reinstated, make sure you fix your GMB profile problems first. 

Perform admin tasks – make sure all your profile information is correct if your account name doesn’t match the businesses name change it, so it does! The same goes with making sure you have listed the normal business hours to fit your actual working hours. 

The issue might be you have a virtual office and do not have a physical location. In this case, you can still prove where you work by showing documents with an actual physical address like your business license or proof from the council like your business premises rates payments. This is brilliant as it can help you prove your business location.

If there is no way of producing a place where you work (very odd, as there should be), don’t fret! There’s tons of working Space you can grab and have a physical office. More times than not, it is seen as an expense, and most don’t want to pay, but you will get an excellent ROI out of it.

Collect documents and files – The paperwork, business cards, the company licence, bills sent to that address. This stuff together and take some pictures of the office building signage, utility bills with the name on the Google account showing that the statements are going to that address at the company. It doesn’t hurt to use video where you’re going into the building, or you’re showcasing the signage anything you can do and put together will be beneficial in the long run, and then you can pick the stuff like that going to help you. Guaranteed they will ask for something independent showing your listing is the same. Like I said if you’re trying to verify you’re going to need to do video verification. Hence, the more of those documents you have, the better. Make sure you get paperwork and anything else. It’s best to get everything together, consolidating it into one file.

Set a reminder to call and follow up consistently – making sure you’re following up on your suspension progress is essential. Think of it as a high-level business marketing effort and put it high up on your to-do list. I would recommend using Google Calendar alerts, Evernote or a Trello board. Whatever you have to do to make sure you know someone will be putting in the time to follow up. The response times vary so you might be living in this dark void for a bit too come.

You might be talking to a different rep; you can get a completely different experience than just coming from one support team. Agents are based in a different environment, and a colossal company means you might talk to many other people. Google does provide some advice about fixing suspended business profiles which might help you.


I hope that helps and if you need any Google My Business Support and assistance with your business reinstatement requests, please use the chat feature or drop me an email.