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Google my business suspended

Google my business suspended and you probably found this out by a noticing you have a lack of visibility in your local area, decrease in phone calls, you simply got a message from Google or maybe you logged in to your GMB dashboard and saw the notice there? The best thing is not to panic and follow these steps to help you out:

Google my business listing suspended

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One of the biggest things I see causing suspension right now is when people are updating GMB profiles. So far they had zero issues updating descriptions etc but now when they go to change their address they run into problems. When you have a suspended account it means you cannot change phone numbers or anything else. 

Google my business suspended due to quality issues

Having a good Google my business management procedure in place can help with the following:

  1. The issue might be your client has a virtual office and uses GMB. Use something with an actual address, and doing so is brilliant as it can help you prove your location in the other steps. Otherwise, it can be a pain in the neck redoing citations and going through the rigmarole. There’s tons of Office Space you can grab and have a physical office is brilliant. More times than not, it is seen as an expense, and the client doesn’t want to pay, but you will get an excellent ROI out of it. 
  2. Don’t do anything like creating 40000 black-hat listings. It’s clear to a human and especially to AI that you don’t have this many business premises. Be truthful when creating your account.
  3. Don’t spam the listing with keywords. You might have seen others do this but you should avoid. If Google themselves do not notice your competitor can easily press ‘report’ and your account will be flagged.

Google My Business Recover Account

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  1. Perform admin tasks – if your name doesn’t match the business name of your clients GMB, make sure it does! 
  2. Collect documents and files – The petition paperwork, the business licence, bills sent to that address. This stuff together and take some pictures of the office signage, utility bills with the name that’s on the GMB on the account showing that the statements going to that address at the business are they understand that might seem strange. It doesn’t hurt to use video where you’re going into the office, or you’re showcasing the signage anything which you can do and put together is going to be beneficial in the long run and then you can pick the stuff like that going to help you. Guaranteed they will ask for something independent showing your listing is the same. Like I said if you’re trying to verify you’re going to need to do video verification. Hence, the more of those documents you have, the better. Make sure you get paperwork and anything else. It’s best to get everything together, consolidating it into one file. 
  3. Set a reminder to call and follow up consistently – making sure you’re following up on your suspension progress is essential. Google Calendar alerts, Evernote or a Trello board. Whatever you have to do to make sure you know someone is going to be following up is extremely important to 
  4. Get someone else to live in this dark void – You might be talking to a different rep, you can get a completely different experience than just coming from one support team. Agents are based in a different environment, and a colossal company means you might talk to a lot of other people. Google does provide some advice about fixing suspended business profiles which might help you.
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I hope that helps and if you need any assistance please leave a comment, use the chat feature or drop me an email.


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