Google My Business Management | #1 Tips and Optimisation Service

Google My Business Management location pin on map

Google My Business Management is essential to any companies local online strategy and wider marketing campaign. Google My Business (shortened to GMB) allows you to create a free GMB profile in Google’s directory, allowing your business profile to appear to any user searching for your industry in your area. As part of my SEO Services, I optimise GMB profiles.

Google reserves space for local companies, and this is known as the ‘local pack’. It is, so local businesses (for example, a restaurant) are displayed when a user searches for the term ‘restaurant near me’ (or something with a similar intent) in the search results or the Google map. Google will only show nearby relevant local results and will show their Google My Business Listing.

Notice how before I say might be displayed! Increase your chances of being shown by ensuring you take proper Google My Business Management and optimisation so when you are found, you stand out from the other companies. 

Google My Business Account

Below are three tips on Google My Business Management:

  1. Make sure you have filled in all sections of your profile and keep your profile up to date 
  2. Make sure you NAP (name, address and phone number) are correct so people can find you.
  3. Ensure your opening times are correct, You don’t want people showing up at the wrong time. 

All the above can be achieved on your GMB dashboard.

GMB Listing Optimisation 

Here are some GMB tips:

  1. Sharing your latest news using
    • COVID-19 update 
    • Offer
    • What’s new
    • Event 
    • Product 
  2. Regularly add photos and videos.
    • Media of your team, premises and products helps.
  3. Take advantage of the call to action buttons
    • book
    • order loline 
    • buy
    • learn more
    • sign up 
    • call now
  4. Respond to online reviews – it shows you care!
  5. Pro-tip, as part of your Google My Business Management, take advantage of the google my business app to be notified when you get a review so you quickly respond. There is other software on the market but this one is the official GMB app allowing you to connect with a potential customer.

Business Listing Management

Now you have it listed and have ownership there are ranking factors which influence what search queries you will appear for. As part of your Google My Business Management you should know about these:

Getting visibility in surrounding areas is essential.

Ranking for top-level keywords using relevance. Below are top ranking factors and actionable points which are going to show you guys how to boost your rankings.  

  1. Distance – How far is the business based on possible search results? By this, I mean from the location term used in a search by location in their search. Google calculate distance based on what is known about the searcher’s location. Proximity is still king – Faster and better results from hyper-local optimisation. 
  2. GPS level – It would help if you thought on a neighbourhood level. The time it takes you to move the needle by optimisation is compelling. Going to a granular GPS level, we now have the power to optimise the story faster and easier.
  3. Prominence – the prominence is also based on information that Google has about a business from across the web. Like articles and directories, Google reviews also affect local search ranking. Favourable rating will improve the local business ranking. Your SERP position and web resources is also a factor. Hence, SEO best practices also apply to local search optimisation.
  4. Quickly and cheaply create the media and content. To optimises efficiently and effectively and also use media to compliment a strategy. Please take a photo of your product, your team and upload them once a week.
  5. Relevance – refers to how well a local listing fits what someone is searching for and fits their search intent. Adding comprehensive and thorough business details can enable Google to have a better understanding of your business and match and deliver relevant searches. 

Why create relevance in GMB posts

For, first of all, you do it to match your GMB listing to a potential customers search terms.

  1. Qualifier – For a GMB listing to appear in relevant search results. If we have a listing that does not talk about the product and the website does not fit the role of a consultant in that niche Google isn’t even going to return your listing when they initially show a set of results. Simply put, you’re not going to be in the local 3-pack.
  2. To help your GMB listing appear for a broader range of search terms known as keyword market share.
  3. Local visibility -To help your GMB listing become relevant for a larger geographic area local listing. The listing of here for a broader range of search terms this will help you increase your market share and rather than seeking help with Geographic area or increasing local visit it will increase visibility.
  4. Google tell us you add detailed business information that relates you’re listening to a niche product or service. They also say add detail information that relates to specific locations that increase your listings and relevant terms and or location. Another way is co-citation between your business and businesses and associations between your business and precise geolocation. 

Where to create GMB relevancy

web, map, flat
Google My Business Management. Knowing when to create relevancy with your locations.

Five things listed here:

  1. Google my business website
  2. GMB service/ products section 
  3. GMB site content 
  4. GMB photos 
  5. GMB posts

Types of GMB relevancy 

  1. Geo (History of the area, area resources, best neighbourhoods in the area)
  2. Niche geo (History, things to do, places to eat)

Creating GMB relevance using local silos

Your Google My Business Management expands from your listing back to your website:

  1. Landing page – the name of the town your targeting 
  2. Link to ‘niche in your area’ and also ‘your area’ links to the history of your area page. If not history, things to do. 
  3. Make sure the landing page links to homepage page. 
  4. Ideally, your GMB will reference your homepage.
  5. If you have a GMB for each location, you would need to link back to the homepage.

GMB Relevancy – things to avoid

Avoid creating relevancy in your google my business reviews. Don’t manipulate the content of the reviews to state your specific location or keyword. You don’t have much control or say over what the reviews say (and that’s a good thing to so they are independent, truthful and without any bias). Always stay carrying out white hat SEO and things should be fine.

Google My Business Management Service

I can work with you and provide google my business support to ensure your business attributes; features, descriptions are up to date. I can respond to reviews which will provide a better customer experience for your clients and show them you care. If anyone were to ask a question on your GMB listing, I would reply bettering your brand reputation. Posts have a short shelf life so I would often post on your behalf as part as your GMB strategy and your wider local SOE strategy.

If you are ready to get more local customers, stand out from your competitors and get more phone calls, get insights on how you are doing, please contact me today