Customer Profile | 1 proven method you can use countless times

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Customer Profile is how to define your customer segment and be able to define your customer is an essential step to take before any advertising and marketing events start. In this blog, I show you why a customer avatar is crucial and how to create a customer avatar worksheet.

Customer Profile

You need to define your customer; you need to know who your customer is your real ideal customer. You may have heard this all before, and it’s understandable if you think this is going to be a blog about textbook customer avatars and client profiles. 

Now I need to touch upon some of these and in particular customer profiling, but I’m going to tell you what I do to get clients what I do to get leads and how I can repeat the process again and again and how I minimise my advertisement expenditure so to create an ideal customer-profile you first need to do customer profiling.

What is customer profiling?

You need to identify the characteristics of people who are most likely to purchase your product or service and derive a lot of value from it. To expand on the customer profiling definition, “if you are clear, you will convert”, and that’s what marketing is about you need to know who you’re talking to before you carry out any marketing. 

Customer profiling tools

The below video refers to a completed customer profiling example. The PDF I reference is free and is titled “customer profiling – customer persona”. It’s free, no email needed, just press download. If you would like the customer profiling template please say and I will include in this blog.

Define your customer – video

Customer Profile Video

While the ideal client, in this case, George, a plumber in the area between York and Harrogate North Yorkshire, is on my screen, I talk about my customer avatar checklist. It’s important to note this semi-fictional character created using data analytics and market research. It might seem a lot of effort to target George, but he represents many other people in his area. If you spend time and create your ideal customer avatar, you will always be able to focus, reach and speak directly to your perfect client. By the way, do you know George in your area? ?

Who exactly is your customer

In the PDF customer persona with the information what I’m trying to gather is who are they, where do we live, what do they do for fun, what’s their demographics, what your client reads, what do they watch, what’s important to them, what keeps them up at night you need to get in their head you need to know the main irrational fears, their worries and concerns more than they do themselves. 

Define your customer before marketing

In the attachment, you will see customer persona number one, and it’s George. George is a semi-fictional person made up of market research and data analytics. (You need to utilise the analytics of people on your Facebook, Twitter and your website). George represents not just one plumber he represents a lot of plumbers, and I know this for a fact because I’ve used this persona to talk to tens and tens of different plumbers and I’ve got them all as customers. I know what he’s after, I know his personality, his goals, his values his motivation what his challenges and his pain points are, where he hangs out and gets his information and how he makes his decision-making process. 

Describe Your Customers – Examples

So instead of saying how I use this information for my digital marketing I’ll show you using some customer profiling example how you can apply this to another company so I’ll pick accountancy at first. 

Ideally, you would know what industry you are in (I’m sure you do, actually I’m very confident you do) and what product/ service you have to offer. In this video I show how George, one of my ideal customer avatar template, can be used for other industries, I use accountancy (a B2B example), hairdressing and the niche I operate under, digital marketing. You should now be able to use the customer avatar questions to create your client profile.

Customer Profiling example – accountancy 

From here, you can see that George is motivated by money and he’s ambitious, and he wants to be financially well-off, but the number limits him of hours in the day. You would launch an advert on Facebook showing only at lunchtime and only to those who have their job title as a plumber who had two children and lived between York and Harrogate. 

You would have a video (the video can be stock images and stock videos you don’t need to film it all yourself). It will show:

  1. Two children running past the white van in their driveway
  2. The kids are not at school because it’s the weekend.
  3. Then it will go to a guy at his kitchen table
  4. He’s just got a stack of invoices and lots of quotes in front of him
  5. He’s holding a calculator in hand
  6. He runs his fingers through his hair
  7. He’s looking up
  8. His bike and his children outside
  9. The weather is good
  10. In his face, it’s clear he doesn’t know what to do. 

That’s when your logo and this is where your message comes in.

  • You know the guy’s pain
  • You say instead of wasting your weekends instead of being limited by your knowledge, let us do all the hard work.
  • Talk about his irrational fears he might have in the back of his head ‘well what can a third-party company do for me; they don’t know my receipts, they don’t know my purchase orders, my invoice system, when I hit a certain VAT level how will they know when I that’.
  • You need to talk to him in your advert, and you pretty much want to reassure him we’ve got you we know what we’re doing.

Re-marketing to your current customer base

Now the best thing about George is instead of always going after new customers; you’re better off retargeting your same customer. George fits the guardrail, so you’re not talking to an electrician with a group of six people you’ve only targeted a plumber who’s self-employed (or his wife is assisting with the accounting). So he’s only got one employee, or maybe he is just independent.

You email in six months when he’s your active customer, and you send out an email template. Now please remember as he fits within your advertising guardrail it can be a template email it doesn’t need to be a re-invent the wheel email. George met the guardrail of your original advert, and you can say to him:

We know your time poor and we know you want more money. So how about you employ someone. Don’t worry; this is when you combat all these irrational fears. You say ‘we’ve got an HR branch, and we can source, we can interview, we can recruit we can make all the contracts as far as you’re concerned, you’re going to have more people in your van (or in a separate van) and more people making you money. So you’re talking directly at him, and then you tell them the benefits of how he’s making more money, he’s doing less work, he’s got more time.

Customer Profiling example – hairdresser 

Ideally, you would know your product or service first but just sticking with the case of George, let’s do a hairdresser. He’s got two children, you know he doesn’t spend much time with them, but you know he uses his phone at lunchtime. So why don’t you have a Facebook ad, click the link and on your Facebook page you have an appointment booking system (all done on your Facebook page). Say your hairdressers are kid-friendly come and bring your kids in with you. That way he’s doing something practical and has his haircut with his children

Buyer Persona – advanced job details

In the section of the buyer persona, see attachment section 2 down from the photo of the plumber. In my line of work, I sell a marketing report. I can advertise the same information to two different people. So my marketing report, quite passionate about it. What it does it tells you all year website analytics, Goggle my business analytics, it shows you your competitors and their website traffic, how your competitors advertise online. You know so much if you copy and paste it you should be able to get the same success as well.

How to identify your ideal customer

By using the buyer persona, I can figure out who I’m talking to in the advert. If it’s a marketing coordinator at a company established and I can say this report is brilliant for you. I can tell them they’re a pain, their problems and what would inspire them. I can market it in a way ‘hey you’re going to get a promotion on this you’re going to be able to go to your boss and become the marketing manager you want to be’. 

Advertising to your ideal customer

I can get this person outside of the workplace via Facebook or LinkedIn using the LinkedIn positions. You know when you put your job title into LinkedIn, I can target marketing coordinators and put something catchy ‘do you need a pay rise’. 

The benefits of creating a customer persona

By creating a customer persona like this (you can download this for free), you create one fill in the details. You should understand your customer, and you’ll be able to talk directly to them. You don’t need to be talking to 7 billion people; brilliant if your business could manage 7 billion people but if you’re self-employed or run a small business you’re not going to be able to manage that many people. You want to talk to those who you’re ready and able to help. 

Customer profiling and segmentation

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Customer Profile | 1 proven method you can use countless times

Regardless of the customer segment: mass market, niche market, multi-side market undertaking the who is my ideal client quiz and completing the complete client questionnaire will help you dominate your customer segments.

Once created, targeting the ideal customer becomes a walk in the park. I use Facebook and LinkedIn advertising and insert my perfect customer examples. You can create a video for George the plumber, and I give an example of what one would look like if I was an accountancy firm at 2:34 and overlay a re-marketing ad at 4:28 of the above video.

Hopefully, this helps you now know how to create your ideal customer profile.

Please tell me if you will now create a buyer persona and if so, how many? If you already had a customer persona, were you already using Facebook and LinkedIn to target advertisements? If you have any questions on your ideal customer and creating a perfect customer profile, please let me know in the comments.