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How To Become A Content Specialist In 2021?

This guide has been written for anyone who wants to become a content specialist or content marketing specialist in 2021. You will learn what skills you need, what tools help and how much money you will make.

What Is A Content Specialist? 

Content specialists are the writers, researchers, and marketers who create content for their website or blog. Content specialists are often referred to as “content creators” or “content editors.” 

What does a content marketing specialist do?

Content specialists are part of the marketing team. They can write articles, blog posts, and respond to customer queries. You are likely to feel as though the role is highly variable. You could be a creative writer, researcher, journalist, marketing strategist, social media marketer – or maybe even a bit of everything.

a content specialist writing a blog post
You could be a creative writer, researcher, journalist, marketing strategist, social media marketer

What skills does a content manager need?

A content marketing manager should possess the skill of content marketing. Distributing relevant and useful content to attract and retain customers. It is an essential marketing component that has exploded in popularity over the past decade. It will mean your job will involve creating content for:

marketing specialist working on content marketing
Content Marketing makes a large part of a content specialist job
  • Social media
  • Blogs
  • SEO-optimised websites
  • Newsletters
  • Articles
  • E-books
  • Content that serves as a promotional tool for a brand.
  • Other online media. 

Content specialists research trending topics to determine what content is most relevant and timely. They should possess the following skillset:

  • Degree – in journalism is optional, and experience in content would help. 
  • Qualification in digital marketing – optional but can help show you are interested. 
  • Keyword research skills – sure the SEO in the team can tell you what keywords and topics to cover and will have access to a variety of premium tools. However, you need to know what SEO basics are to understand what your colleagues are talking about.
  • SEO skills – understanding what SEO is —at least a basic understanding. You want people to find your content after all!
  • Writing skills – it’s one thing learning how to optimise your text for search engines but never forget it’s humans who read it and buy into the band.
  • Good communication skills – you need to liaise with others in your team, customers and outreach to get your message heard.

Content Specialist Tools

The following list is what I use for content creation:

  1. Grammarly – it helps check spelling mistakes, grammar issues and ensures the content is error-free.
  2. Microsoft Office Products – It might go without saying but please brush up on your MS Word. Powerpoint conveys messages in meetings and excel sheets are needed to track content statuses (assigned, started, pending, review) published.
  3. Google Products – these tools are helpful and are free. Some of my writing favourites are Docs, Sheets (both alternatives to the previous MS products).
  4. Google Analytics – understand how to track the popularity of your content. 
  5. Google Trends – a free tool to see what topics are about to become relevant and keep an eye on industry trends. There are plugins which allow you to see upcoming trends within your WordPress editor post view.
  6. Google Keyword Tool – it’s free. Your team might also use other marketing tools such as Ahrefs, BuzzSumo, to generate ideas.
  7. Google Search Console – there are many techniques for getting the most out of GSC. For this job role, I would say understanding how to access it, check what posts you rank for, and monitor performance. 
  8. WordPress – WordPress is a content management system (CMS) and something I create all of my customer websites. It is very powerful for eCommerce and blogging. Understanding how to create a post and publish one is essential. 
notebook, notes, pen
Content Communications need a wide range of tools stemming from pens to digital apps

Content Specialist vs Social Media Manager

Being a content specialist is very similar to being a social media manager. Both are in:

  • complete control of what goes out on social media
  • abide by an editorial calendar 
  • part of the content creation team.
  • Work on large marketing campaigns as part of the overall customers digital marketing.

Content specialists create content for a variety of platforms. Content Specialists are the people who are responsible for writing and creating content on a company’s website or social media accounts. Some might have this role as part of their job description, and others might be hired to do this type of work.

Digital Content Specialist Salaries 

Content marketing jobs and salaries differ based on experience, location, and the original content creator’s job description. Using two popular websites, we can see the content specialist salary range. Glassdoor reports a digital content specialist salary is £32,000 p/y on average, whereas Reed states the average content writer salary in London is £52,000.

However, if you do not like the idea of commuting to London or working for a large company there are many benefits of working as a freelancer in this field with this specific job title and this specific content creator job description or as a more general marketing manager:

office, freelancer, computer
The perks of being a freelancer content specialist
  • Work from home – you pay for it, get the most out of it.
  • You will be able to network with a lot of different companies who need to outsource their copy.
  • You will gain skills outside of copywriting, such as running a business.


Content specialists mean you will create various online media as part of the companies content marketing strategy. Researching trending topics can be exciting; producing a content strategy can be empowering, writing copy and managing all pre-and post-production tasks that go into their writing can keep you busy. 


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