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Clothes shops in York – A list of the very best independent

Want to know which are the best independent clothes shops in York? The following is from the larger best businesses in York list, I’ve handpicked the very best clothes shops in York.

Clarksons of York

clothes shops in york clarksons of york homepage
Clarksons of York homepage
  • Location – 33 High Petergate, York, YO1 7HP
  • What’s near by: York Minster
  • Sells – casual shirts, formal shirts, trousers, knitwear, casual wear, jackets, suits, outwear, ties, waistcoats and accessories
  • Type of website: eCommerce

Our first ‘clothes shops in York’ is Clarksons quaint shop supplying classic men’s suits, shirts, tweed jackets, trousers & accessories.

Clarkson’s of York digital presence

  • Good navigation bar – products are sorted and displayed well in their respective category.
  • Product preview – when you hover over an image, it is responsive and shows another picture.
  • Customisation – the website allows you to customise your product which is a welcomed feature. For example, if you choose a shirt, the site visitor can pick a colour, fit, collar size, cuffs style.
  • Shopfront Picture – a quick win – Clarksons shop, located on one of the main pedestrian routes into York, is less than a minute walk to York minster. If you’ve been to York, it’s likely you’ve walked past it and will recognise the shopfront. As because fo this, I would have expected to see a picture of the shop on their website. This way, you undoubtedly connect the digital shop with the physical shop building a level of trust.
  • Missing Padlock – The men’s clothes shop in York website lacks an SSL certificate. Impacting the store’s search engine position and click-through rate as some web browsers might warn the visitor the site is not safe and give them an easy option to exit the website before they have visited it. Applying a padlock is something we do as standard and is part of our hosting package.
  • Search bar – positioned in the header of the website is non-functional. I searched for items they sold and had in stock, but the search bar shows a blank page. Pro-tip design a search archive page to ensure your products can both be detected and presented nicely.
  • SEO – the website does not have an optimised title, does not make use of header structures, lacks meta descriptions, not all photos have alt text, and the data is not structured. The great news is that these steps are manageable, and if implemented, Clarksons would see an improvement in Google visibility leading to more online business.
  • In summary, as far as men’s clothes shops in york go, this one is worth a visit.

Giselle Ladiesewear

clothes shops in york giselle ladieswear york homp 6083563314c97274e716e6965e489c4f
  • Location: 14 Swinegate, York, North Yorkshire, YO1 8AZ
  • What’s near by: York Chocolate Story
  • Sells: specialise in quality collections that co-ordinate as well as timeless stand-alone exquisite pieces
  • Type of websites: Advertises their brand – not an eCommerce website

Next, on our list of ‘clothes shops in York’ Giselle Ladieswear York has been established for over thirty years. We are a small team of highly experienced fashion advisors. At Giselle, we pride ourselves on building long-standing and close relationships with our customers. We aim to make their shopping experience, relaxed, unique and pleasurable. We specialise in quality collections that co-ordinate as well as timeless stand-alone exquisite pieces.

Giselle of York digital presence

  • Images – they use large, high-quality brand photos on their website and it’s brilliant. It gives off the feel of professionalism and is on par with a high-end fashion magazine. Other designer clothes shops in York need this look!
  • Contact Details – clearly states where they are based and how to get hold of them, a crucial step I’ve seen many forget.
  • Missing Padlock – As explained earlier with Clarksons, very easy to fix and vital for this ladies clothes shop in York to have.
  • In summary, if you are looking for dress shops, York-based make sure to visit this one.

Old Sole

clothes shops in york old sole york homepage
clothes shops in york old sole york homepage
  • Location: 16 Swinegate, York, YO1 8AZ
  • What’s near by: Browns York
  • Sells: shoes, shoe care kits, wallets
  • Type of website: eCommerce

Next, on our list of ‘clothes shops in York city centre’ is Old Sole York’s newest luxury shoes & bespoke services. In-store you can find shoes by Carmina, shirts by Smyth & Gibson a range of accessories.

Old Sole of York digital presence

  • Hero – nice professional large images on the homepage in the hero section. Gives an idea immediately what the shop sells and what services it offers.
  • 404 – When you click the gift card page, it displays an error. It happens to us all at some point in time; it’s why every website owner needs to carry out an SEO audit at least monthly. The site is still usable and great!
  • Interesting – clicking on the ‘bespoke’ tab takes you to a different website. Same business, same product and services it just jumps to another website. Apart from that if your shopping in york pop in.

Wild & Westbrooke

clothes shops in york wild and westbrooke york homepage
clothes shops in york wild and westbrooke york homepage
  • Location: 3 Lendal, York, North Yorkshire, UK, YO1 8AQ
  • What’s near by: Museum Garden
  • Sells: clothing, footwear, scarves, leather goods, bags and home-wares
  • Type of website: advertises products and has a blog but not an eCommerce online shop.

Next, on our list of ‘clothes shops in York’ is Wild & Westbrooke. Located at number 3 Lendal, within the walls of the beautiful city of York is a ladies clothing shop. A local family run business, we are dedicated to providing York with the latest in ladies country fashion. We are delighted to be the exclusive stockists of many well-known and loved brands.

Wild & Westbrooke of York digital presence

  • Parallex – The image in the picture above shows a clothes rail. You can’t see the picture fully at first, but when you scroll down the page more of the image is revealed. I like it! It’s similar to how you would experience the shop in person, opening the door to see the clothes rail a bit at a time until you are fully inside.
  • About us – great to see pictures of those who run the shop. It offers a nice personal touch, and it’s great to see photos of those whom you will meet again in person.
  • Homepage – with my web designer hat on – Upon visiting the site, a large part of the homepage is taken up by a grey background. Upon first impressions, it isn’t easy to know what the shop sells, where it is based and what sets it apart from other women’s clothes shops york-based. A tip would be to change the landing page image, as it stands it doesn’t impact the quality of the store; hence why it made our list of best independent shops in York.
  • Navigation Bar – swapping hats to a web developer – pro tip keep the bar visible at all points.
  • SEO – last hat swapping – thin content, lack of schema, few pages and with no option to buy any of the products means their visibility in Google search results is limited; we discuss what is SEO further in a separate blog.
  • Overall, it’s excellent to see someone who has thought hard about their niche and is doing it well!

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