Business Objectives – 4 Advanced Aim Setting, SMART Examples

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Business objectives for your online business are essential to stay focused and achieve your real goals, and knowing how to set goals online can help you become more successful. As a small business, your internet marketing objectives might be brand building, advertising, selling, increasing conversion rates, provide information on the products and services you sell or essential business objectives of improving customer satisfaction. 

Instead of asking someone to do something for you and provide a vague description, you can break down the task into SMART objectives and then they know how their skill set can assist.   

SMART is an acronym which stands for: “specific” (detailed) “measurable” “achievable” or “attainable” or agreed upon” “relevant”, realistic” “time-bound” (having a deadline)  

There are two types of business objectives in this video the first is an example of website goals and objectives for a hairdressers salon. Then I use SMART to create more digital marketing objectives, in this case, for setting successful website goals and increasing conversion for a car model company. Hopefully, that goal of a 5% increase in conversion will assist their marketing goals and help turn them into a successful online shop ? it does fit in with their business aims and objectives. 

By doing this, it will help answer how to create a digital marketing strategy for a new business (which I go more in-depth in my next video) and help with your online business success planning. 

Business Objectives Video

In this blog, I cover the following topics: 

  • Why you have to set business goals 
  • Set goals online examples 
  • How the tasks of your goals can be completed 
  • SMART what is it and example 
  • What are your SMART objectives and goals? 

Business objectives for your online business

Business objectives for your online business can help make and grow your business to where you want it to be. So if we’re talking about opening a new shop, a redesign of a website, launching a product, launching a service you have to set business objectives and goals. It all starts with a straightforward question why do you want to be online? Once you get your answer, you need to break it down and keep breaking it down.

Business Objectives Examples

Let’s say you were to open the new shop and you approached the web designer, and you said ‘I just want it to be better than before’. The web designer is going to rejig some stuff around on the web site, and they’re going to speed it up. However, if you went to the web designer and said well actually, my main objective is to either:

  1. Cut more hair sell
  2. More premium services
  3. Sell more products in the shop
  4. I want to get people to know the shop exists. 

Business objectives and success criteria examples

The web designer can do numerous things with your business objectives and success criteria examples:

  1. Gather customer feedback via email survey 
  2. Tell customers new opening times, and they can do this by social media which is much faster 
  3. They can also put deals and coupons and photos 
  4. Share reviews and your online social media 

If you’re hoping for your new hairdressers to attract a new different type of customer you need to speak their language you need to know your customer profile. So if your new hairdresser specialises in new trends, add an online gallery of photos and videos to your website, so all the pictures tell the story of your new hairstyle.

If you’re hoping to increase the number of phone calls you receive, make sure on each web page of your website in the header or on the photo or both who have your phone number. I still see sites where there’s no clear call-to-action. So they’re saying online goals about; actually, you want more people to ring me they fail to put their phone number. 

You’ll know when you’ve met your goals when your visitors turn to customers so once you’ve broken down your problem and you’ve got all your objectives, you need to make it smart. 

SMART website goals and objectives

  • Specific – The first step is to give the web designer a detailed idea of what your after so improve the conversion rate by 5% on classic cars
  • Measurable – You need to make it quantifiable tracking for conversion through Google Analytics
  • Agreed-upon – you need to make it achievable, actionable and agreed-upon. You know you’re not taking on Amazon so yep thumbs up there. You are going to have to get the web designer and all your team to buy into this whole 5% increase. Is it achievable well you know but if you add you do photos and videos and a perfect description of your products is going to help convert customers?
  • Relevancy – is it relevant well, yeah you push in let’s say promoting classic cars and your business and selling model cars well it is appropriate and it is realistic. You know you can achieve 5% conversion and as long as you give your website developer or your marketer a realistic time-frame to work. For example, you say ‘well actually I’m happy for it to be six months to 12 months down the line for me to get my ideas onto paper and for you to develop it and for us both to tweak it and keep testing AB testing’. 

Once you know your customer once you know your goals, you can now create and digital marketing strategy. Please make sure you don’t expect too much too soon it takes a while to implement and to see the results of it but make sure you do set clear objectives and clear online goals

I hope this helps! 

Please tell me if you will now set goals online in 2021? If you don’t mind sharing, it would be good to know what your business objectives are for your online business. Please let me know in the comments.