Join the Focused All Day Affiliate Program

Refer customers and make money for every sale

Earn every time

Every time a user clicks your link and buys, you get paid.

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How the affiliate program works

Refer and earn on each sale

Recommend Focused All Day using your affiliate link. You get a commission on every sale.

It’s free to join. Promote Focused All Day using your referral link. When users click on your affiliate links, land on the Focused All Day website, buy, you earn a commission.

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Transparent earnings

Your dashboard with referral statistics

Focused All Day will review affiliate applications. Once approved, you can log into your affiliate area.

Join, advertise and earn.

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Affiliate friendly tracking system

Generous cookie expiration.

A user you send over might not buy straight away, or even the same week they clicked on the link. Focused All Day understands that your user might need more time to think about it.

That’s why the cookie expiration is 30 days to ensure you get the commission.

Start earning today

Join the affiliate program and get residual income.

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Learn about affiliate marketing

Want to send referrals from your website?

Write an article or review on your website and include your referral link.

Receive resources on how to write blogs that retain user interests and convert.

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Custom coupon codes

Talking to someone in person?

Whether on the radio or in person tell them to use your unique coupon at checkout.

High earning affiliates are rewarded with their own landing page.

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Earn at your pace

Like to post blogs?

You may use the affiliate kit. Focused All Day logos, pre-made creatives, promotional materials, and web banners you can place on your website.

Your user clicks the high-quality banner, buy, you get paid.

Start earning today

Join the affiliate program and get residual income.


How does the Focused All Day Affiliate Program work?

The affiliate scheme is free to sign up, and you have to use the registration form to apply. Once approved, you will be given access to your affiliate dashboard.

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